Clear skin reflects the inner health of the person. The face of the person tells the whole story as to how his skin type is. In everyday life, our skin undergoes ample changes and is very much affected by pollution and the weather. This sense of organ should be handled with utmost care. As it is the delicate part of the body so it calls for extra care and attention.

Now the question arises what clear skin is? To make clear skin it means to improve the look of your skin. The person should pay attention towards different factors responsible for clear skin. If you are interested in clear skin then check out these simple tips that can help you achieve an enviable clear complexion.

To achieve clear skin, firstly one must do proper cleansing of the face morning and night daily with water and mild soap (if necessary). Proper cleansing is necessary to remove all dirt from face before going to bed every night applying a night cream or moisturizer on face after cleansing is advisable though not compulsory applying sunscreen lotion while going outside in the morning.

Elite Tips for clear skin

Achieving clear skin is also possible by eating healthy food. Watermelon, garlic, cucumber and carrots are some of the examples of foods that help clear your skin.

Getting clear skin is not an easy task; it can be achieved by following above mentioned simple tips in order to achieve clear skin within a few days surely.

Skin Care Tips

Everybody can get clear skin provided he/she keeps some points in their mind while looking after their skin. First and foremost step is that one should know about his/her skin type. He/she cannot look after until they know the type of skin they possess. Basically, there are three types of skin. 

First is dry skin, which is dull, dry, patchy and sometimes sensitive. This type of skin needs extra care as the dryness leads to early ageing signs. So the people having dry skin should moisturize their skin regularly with drinking plenty of water and regular application of moisturized cream.

Clear skin
Clear skin

Second is the oily skin, which is shiny and very much prone to acne and pimples. The texture of the skin is greasy and looks slippery. This type of skin needs to be cleaned off and on as the dirt on the skin gives birth to skin’s enemy pimples and acnes. This skin calls for extra cleaning.

Normal Skin Type

Next is the normal skin type which is neither too dry nor too oily. Normal skin is lively, moist and plump. Lucky people having this skin type should regularly clean, tone and moisturize the skin to maintain its vitality. Some people have T zone as oily, which covers the skin area in the T shape, i.e. forehead, nose and chin whereas, the rest of the face has dry skin. Such people have to apply two different creams depending on the area.

Important Tips for all Skin Type

One of the most important tips for all skin type is to drink plenty of water. Water not only helps in retaining the body temperature but also helps in cleaning the stomach. Sometimes pimples and acne are the results of the grumpy stomach. Water helps in keeping the bowl clean and skin moisturized. 8-10 glasses of water should be consumed every day. The intake of water should be increased during summers as a lot of water comes out of the body through sweating. There are so many brands exists in the market, in which you may try revitol skin brightener and also take advise from skincare specialist.


Natural cleansers are best for all skin types. The three-step regime should be followed by all skin types. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Clean the skin with some mild cleanser, then tone the skin and apply moisturizer. This is a daily look after of the skin, but one should scrub their skin once in a week or according to the age group they belong to. The skin can be scrubbed with soft hands and it should not be harsh on the skin.

Skin Clear

A nutritious diet plays an important role in keeping the skin clear. The Healthy person’s skin reflects with glow and shows fewer signs of ageing. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Always have a balanced diet. All the vitamins, cereals and pulses should be consumed according to the age group of the person. A balanced diet will help the skin glow and glimmer with beauty.

Makeup products

Nowadays there are many makeup products which are available in the market. One should not use these products regularly as these products harm the skin in the long run. These products no doubt will help you look more beautiful, but thereafter effects are terrible. Makeup should be always removed at night with some good cleanser as the skin breathes at night and any makeup on it will result in damaging the skin.

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