How to enjoy your delicious food during winters!

How to enjoy your delicious food during winters!

during winters
during winters

Winters are always welcome till they don’t harm us or interrupt our daily normal works. It is a time when we like to eat and drink all those hot and mouth watering gajar ka halwa, pinni, pakoras, sizzlers. The list of tasty food is endless.

All these delicious and tempting eatables results in weight gain with which we struggle whole year around. We hardly go out for our daily workouts and exercise. In short we become lazy to perform all our heavy workouts which keep us fit whole year around.

During winters there are many seasonal fruits and vegetables which keep us protected from cold and help in keeping our body warm. We feel hungrier at this time of the year as compared to the other seasons of the year. Its better not to surpass the hunger, whereas eat right things to meet the requirement of the body and by a slight change in your eating habits.

  • Green leafy vegetables are rich of folic acid, vitamin c and fiber. Eat more of them and remain fit and healthy.
  • We have plenty of carrots in winters. It is healthy to eat more of it during winters. A kheer made with carrots and less sugar is good for health. Carrot is well known for its nutritional value to heart and eyes.
  • To enhance the immune system consume more of citrus fruits. Awala, maousmi and lemon are good of vitamin C. start you day with warm water and add lemon juice and honey for that energetic start.
  • Reduce the intake of sugar, salt and oil during winters. In winters we hardly do workouts or any other heavy work and as a result we sweat less. Eat fresh food and the food which is prepared in refined, olive or mustard oil.


  • A green and leafy vegetable helps maintain the hemoglobin level.
  • Consume more water and liquids like soup and juice.
  • Those motivated people who want to reduce their weight during winter season should avoid things like parantha and poories. Instead of these go for a multigrain flour, brown bread and fiber biscuits.


  • Eat more raw things like cucumber; radish, apple, orange etc. drink home made soups. They are better than the packed soup available in the market.
  • Winter season is usually the season of weddings and we tend to eat more while being a part of numerous functions. We can manage our weight by putting a check on it. We should keep the record of the calories consumed. We should eat the things which are low in calories. For example a rasogulla have 250 calories whereas a bowl of cornflakes have just 100 calories. Eat after checking the calories of the food. This will guide you about the food which you should eat while following your regime of weight management.
  • One should avoid excessive intake of salt, sugar and spices. It doesn’t mean at all that you should not eat all those mouth-watering chole-bhature and pakoras. Once a while you can have them in the lunch. At the same time keep your breakfast and dinner light by eating fruits or drinking low fat milk with no sugar. Consuming them at lunch is advised as the extra calories will burn while performing your tasks during the day.

Avoid packed foods. Always remember to check the expiry date of packed foods before consuming them.

Needless to say by following these small but effective tips will help you keep a check on your weight. So keep these points in your mind and enjoy winter season. Attend parties and functions with friends and enjoy food after it’s calorie counts.

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