Every Basic Bitch Needs a Cinnamon Broom

cinnamon broomDouble, double toil & trouble; Fire burn & caldron bubble.

Halloween is right around the corner & that means basic-bitch pumpkin spice lattes, Yankee candles, & Instagram pictures in pumpkin patches. But it also means cinnamon brooms.

If you haven’t fucked with a cinnamon broom you are missing out on life. Let me tell ya, there’s not one person on in the world who shouldn’t have a cinnamon broom in their house.

Every Basic Bitch Needs a Cinnamon Broom
Every Basic Bitch Needs a Cinnamon Broom

You can find these at Trader Joe’s but I also found them online which is very exciting. Initially, my friend Erica of Fashionlush reminded me of the brooms via her Instagram story. It took me back to all these nostalgic thoughts of when I was little & my mom used to put them around the house so the whole house smelled like apple cinnamon ( yes they used to make apple cinnamon ones ).

I like to buy at least 3 of these during the holidays & hide them in spaces around the house so no one can see them. I’m tell you, your friends will walk in & say “OMIGOD your house smells so good!” & you can just smile internally to yourself.


♡ Hang them above your doorway to ward off negativity & bad vibes.

♡ Cinnamon is thought to bring good fortune in business & money matters.

♡ Very festive for the holidays.

♡ Smells amazing.

Now, if you have a cinnamon broom & it needs a bit of a refresh, all you have to do is boil some water & hold the broom over the steam to bring it back to life. You can also sprinkle a few drops of cinnamon essential oil on the broom too.

If brooms aren’t your thing you can also do some pinecones all over your house because they smell delicious too. When my cinnamon brooms are hanging I love to put cinnamon essential oils in my chic, white, matte diffuser & it’s just heaven on earth.

To get specific, the brooms are made of pine straws & dressed in cinnamon oil which is why they smell SO. GOOD. You can sit there & sip your inulin cinnamon coffee while you breath in the scent of your broom & diffuser. If you know me, you know that I’m a huge fan of the senses- smell being one of the most important. This really gets me going.

So ya like I said, every basic bitch needs a cinnamon broom. Your husband will think you’ve been baking pies all day, but you can just sit back relax, & breath it all in. Get your own cinnamon broom here & tag me in your Instagram so I can see your super creative, crafty ways of showcasing it.

Speaking of fall, what kind of Halloween content do you guys want to see?

Peace, love & cinnamon.

x, lauryn

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Cinnamon Broom has become one of the most popular gifts for Christmas. I have seen people with their kids or at home when they have guests. They take it out and use it. I think this is a great gift for everyone to enjoy. This is not something that is too much, you will only use it once a year. It is made of real wood and looks great on your door or in your kitchen. The cinnamon aroma is a little bit strong, but you won’t know the difference.

A cinnamon broom has been used as a tool for many years and has many benefits to it. When you use it you will hear a sweet smell of cinnamon coming from it. This gives it a nice pleasant smell to it. As you brush, you feel the broom pulling energy into your room, you mentally visualize the broom lifting up positive energy, then you brush it into your space.

There are many different uses for these. You can use it for protection against negative energy and, or negative people. You can hang it outside of your door, to protect your home from negative people and, or bad energy. The cinnamon is an all-natural substance that works great. There are many different ways you use a cinnamon broom and I think they are wonderful. I like them because it’s not a burden on my wallet for anything.

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