An excellent way to show how you love and care

An excellent way to show how you love and care

Palms and feet
Palms and feet

When a mother gets to know about her pregnancy, it marks the start of the affectionate mother-child bond.  Her first thought of becoming a mother gives her immense pleasure and she starts looking forward to her baby.

An emotional bond tends to bind both the mother and the child. Mothers look after their babies, so, the babies feel safe with their mothers. Mothers develop their own world and stay connected with their children, even before they step into this world.

A mother feels immense pleasure in sharing all her new experiences with the world and wants the world to know her exact feelings for the baby. She wishes to treasure all the tiny things associated with the baby. Be it his first dress, first smile, first giggle, first laugh or the first drop of tear scrolling down his cheek-all these moments are precious enough to treasure for eternity.

‘Palms and feet’ is an innovative and trending idea which has helped parents to cherish magnificent memories with their babies. With this new idea, you can get the impressions of your baby’s hands and feet framed on a wall as a fantastic memory.

However, this joy will not remain only yours – When the child grows up and becomes acquainted with the outside world, this 3 D framework will take him to his early childhood and will help him see  his own little, tender hands and feet. For sure, he would be short of words to explain the joyful feeling. Perhaps, he will be thankful to you for pioneering this lovely idea.

The baby’s first impression is printed on a 3 D casting and has every tiny detail molded in gold, silver or bronze. This unique art of casting helps all future and present parents to store little details about their babies in a very creative way. The soft fur background beautifies the impressions of those cuddly hands and feet.

When the baby is born, we capture his first picture and share it with our near and dear ones, then why don’t we admire his palms and feet? Every time you will look at the frame, it will take you to the galleries of the past, irrespective of how old you grow. It is something which can’t be stolen or copied as all the babies have their own identity and their own expressions and prints.

This framing is not limited to the impressions of the palms and feet, it has vast options too. The framework can be exhibited in various options available such as a combo of 2 hands and 2 feet, one hand 2 feet, 2 hand and 1 foot. Big collages can be framed with different pictures of hands and feet assembled in the most attractive way.

Besides capturing children’s first impressions, their facial expressions can also be framed in the gold, bronze and silver textures.  A child playing tantrums and making funny faces can easily be captured in this exceptional technique.

If one wishes, one can make an upward chart wherein they can place the child’s palms and feet, captured every year as he grows. There are abundant preferences available. You wish it and they make it. This wonderful framework is exceptionally beautified, by adding a child’s picture to it. How he looked in the growing years and the way his palm and feet expression reveals the most of his identity.

Last, but by no means the least, the palms and feet 3 D framework can be an excellent gift that can bring immense pleasure on the receiver’s face. There are many beautiful frames, which anyone would like to keep forever. This can be a new way of expressing and letting the world know how much you love your baby and how his tiniest things mean the world to you.

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