7 Exercises for attaining flat tummy: Do it from Today

Exercises for attaining flat tummy: Do it from Today

Flat tummy one of the crazy thing that many people, particularly women love to have it. But it looks tough for many to attain. Many fitness experts all around the world suggest diet control and advise to do selective abs exercises to getting those sexy flat tummy.

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Meanwhile, only exercising or by just having proper diet won’t produce a better result.

  • To attain those flat abs, one should undergo a perfect diet plan along with proper abs exercises under experts supervision.
  • Well, diet control is not about limiting those intakes, it’s about in-taking right foods with the proper mixture of protein, fats, and other nutrients at the right level.
  • Regular exercising would help not only to attain those sexy abs. Instead it offers individuals to enjoy healthy life.

Some of the benefits of having flat abs are discussed in the table.

Good for Health Having Flat abs would reduce a lot of diseases like heart attack, high blood pressure, kidney cancer and so
Live Long Flat tummy person lives longer than belly fat person
Sports injuries Having Flat abs would reduce athletics injuries
Strimmer Sex Having Flat abs will increase blood flow, and increases sensitivity


So, begin toning up your tummy today with these easy flat abs exercises. From dancing around the living room to the clever trick that will make you stare liked you’ve loose mass immediately, these flat abs activities will give you a beautifully shaped, smooth tummy in the short time frame at all!

  1. Reverse the Crunch

Reverse crunches target the rectums abdomens reducing abs to help you get a slim, beautifully shaped tummy. Do this workout by face up on a mat. Lift your legs straight up, so they form a perfect upright angle to the ground. Place your hands carefully behind your go. Contract your muscles of the abdomen as you lift your head and shoulders slightly off the ground.


Simultaneously, raise your buttocks so, you punch up towards the sky. Go back to the starting point and do it again 10 to 20 times or until exhaustion begins. Repeat a total of three sets. Do this workout as part of your abdominal routine four to five times per week.

  1. Cycling exercise for flat abs

By this type of activity, your muscular tissues will also develop along with flat abs, the muscle tissue on the edges of the abdomen, through rotational trunk movements. Do this workout lying face-up on a mat with legs curved to 90 levels, shins parallel to the ground. Place hands carefully behind your go. Contract your abdominal muscles as you raise shoulder area and go up and twist so your remaining shoulder drives towards your right knee.


Simultaneously, extend your left leg down towards the floor. Carry your left elbow back down to the ground as you also extend your right leg. Carry your left knee back to start position as you drive your right shoulder up to meet it. Do this cycling action for 15 to 20 repetitions or until you exhaustion for a total of three places to improve abdominal burn.

  1. Front Bridge exercise

This being active is great for strengthening your core muscle tissue and is also good for the rear again. Suck your belly button and keep your body as directly as possible without locking your legs. Continue to breathe and don’t keep your breath. Hold yourself in it as long as you can, then rest. Repeat 2-3 times. Gradually increase plenty of time of holding yourself in the job.


  1. Hip Lifts

Lie on the ground with your hands by your ends. Your palms facing down and you over your waist at 90 degrees. Legs are flexed. Then raise your size off the ground using your core muscle tissue while you are stretching towards the roof. Then come back to the starting point. Repeat 15 times.


  1. Touch your toes

If you’re bored of sit-ups, try this workout instead. Lie on the ground with hands directly up, directing at the roof. Gradually snuggle yourself up and forward so that your hands leading towards you – and if you can, touch you. Then come back to your starting point but do it slowly to stretch the muscle tissue. Repeat 15-20 times.


  1. Indirect crunch

Lie on the back again, legs curved and feet smooth on the ground, hip-width apart. Roll your legs to one side down to the ground. Place your hands across your chest or behind your ears. Gradually relax towards your waist until the shoulder is about three inches off the ground. Keep the job for a few seconds and reduce slowly. Perform 12 oblique ab exercises and do it again on lack of.

  1. Pike and Extend

Lie on the ground with you extended over your waist. Then crunch up, so your hands reach towards you. Then bring your hands back again expense while at one time you lower your left leg towards the ground. Then crunch up again while your hands reach both you, but now when you bring your hands back overhead, lower your right leg towards the ground. Repeat 20 times alternating sides.



Our abdominal stores fat for some reasons; these reasons vary from the genetic to not control over diet plan, with little to no workout. Here we have discussed a few exercises that will strengthen and create lean ab muscle tissue, help you eliminate a flabby tummy and give you a flat tummy that helps you fight disease and ill-health.

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