Exercising on a Swiss ball is a hot exercise

Exercising on a Swiss ball is a hot exercise

Exercising on a Swiss ball is a hot exercise trend adopted by million people nowadays. Most of the gym is offering this new fat reducer to their existing and new health-conscious people who are visiting them for toning and grabbing slim, sleek body figure. People are choosing this upcoming and innovative concept of exercising. As it calls for some extra precautions, it’s better to consult an expert before starting this workout. Incomplete knowledge may lead to some health problem instead of achieving what one is expecting.

Exercising on a Swiss ball

Accurate method: one should know the correct way of its usage otherwise it may lead to pain and stretching of the muscles and may hurt the person. Consult the gym instructor about the right method of using a Swiss ball. The ball is very flexible and needs to handle with care.

Check air pressure and size:

It’s advisable to check the air pressure on the ball and its size. Air pressure and volume of the ball very much depends on the weight and height of the fitness motivated person. In case both are not appropriate then it’s entirely possible that it takes time to show the desired result. If the air pressure is not correct, then you won’t be able to exercise properly.

Exercising on a Swiss ballProper clothing:

Proper clothing is one of the most important elements which one should follow while exercising on the ball. As the ball is circular in shape, and most of the body weight falls on it, one has to be careful about their clothes which they wear while exercising. Don’t let them interfere with the movement of the ball otherwise you are tending to get wounded.

Being spherical in shape it’s in continuous movement, it should be well gripped with the different body muscles. Clothes should be sweat soaking or else there are fair chances of getting slipped. Keep in mind to wear comfortable clothes before starting a workout on a Swiss ball.

Check your fitness level:

one should check his fitness level before taking up this enticing and wonderful method of a workout. It’s better to consult a doctor or a fitness expert before you start this ball exercise, especially if you have met an accident or had an operation earlier.

Group of people exercising at the gym in a fitness class
Group of people exercising at the gym in a fitness class

It’s quite possible that while you exercise you may feel stretching in those particular parts and ultimately leave you with an increased pain. In case you feel pain in any part of the body, stop the exercise and consult the doctor or fitness trainer.

Exercising on the ball is a complete workout and helps to gain stability and undoubtedly strengthens your muscles. To stay on ball one needs to engage all his body muscles so it helps in toning of head to toe muscles. Fifteen minutes thrice in a week is good enough to tone your body muscles.

Helps in gaining right body posture:

While exercising on the ball you sit on it and try holding it with your body weight, by doing this you try to maintain balance on it which will definitely help you gain a right body posture. Maintaining alignment will save you from getting injured as well.


A workout on the ball is a new concept; it gives you variety in exercise. You can tone-up your biceps and triceps with the help of a ball. If you are exercising at home with a ball it’s better to keep it at the place where it is safe otherwise quite possible that you have to inflate it daily.

It will also help in flexibility. A ball is used for warm up and stretching of muscles before starting with a workout. This will assist in keeping joints and muscles functional. It also strengthens the muscles of the abdomen and lower back. It stabilizes the shoulder, pelvis and spine as well.

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