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Russia’s powerful country is not always seen as a hot traveler destination. It is the rugged image and extreme weather that has given the country this reputation. But this is far from the truth, the country is indeed an impressive destination for tourists. Russia in May Makes for perfect weather as well, unlike the chilling temperatures of normal bones. For most travelers, the normal route is called the “Golden Ring”. It is a route that connects some ancient cities of Russia. The cities are full of stories and experiences that are unique and mind-blowing.

Weather in russia in may


In Russia, frost-biting cold weather hits the back burner in the months of May. The weather is the beginning of summer in May and makes for the perfect transition. The sun is not hot and the cold is bearable – it is perfect. In cities, the average temperature fluctuates between eighteen degrees and eight degrees. There is little chance of rain, but nighttime fog is still prevalent. Russia in May is what you might call an ideal season to explore.

Why should you go to russia in may

Weather in russia in april

After May, domestic tourism also stops as soon as the sun bursts completely. The month of May starts in a hurry, so booking is still relatively easy. The month is also full of unique festivals that you should experience at least once in your lifetime. Plan your trip around these cultural events and end the worldly routine of tourism.

victory Day: Celebrated on 9 May, this historic day is known to have surrendered in the Soviet bloc of Nazi Germany. It was a life-changing day in the hearts of the Russians as it brought an end to the Second World War. The ceremony is performed with military parades across the country. The country brings weapons and armory to the streets as a token of pride. Film screenings about the nation are followed by concerts and programs in all major cities.

St. Petersburg City Day: Celebrated on May 27, the city of St. Petersburg turns into a carnival. The day marks the birth of the city and is celebrated with fireworks, events and decorations. Since the city is also the cultural and artistic capital of the country, it has many shows including opera singers, street singers and choirs.

Stars of White Nights Festival: White Knight stars occur in St. Petersburg in the month of May. The festival gets its name because during these few months the sky reaches only a foggy light and is never completely dark. This gives the city an opportunity to highlight its culture and heritage in the backdrop of this beautiful event. During this time the city has many local concerts and events that celebrate the spirit of Russia. There are fireworks and fireworks shows throughout the city.

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5 places to visit in Russia in May

With a big country like Russia, it can be overwhelming to find the right destination for you. But most places of interest are connected side by side. The gold ring is always a big rule of thumb when it comes to traveling in Russia. Here are some destinations that you should not miss while staying here.

1. Moscow

Explore the amazing city of Moscow

Russia’s capital is definitely on the list. You would ideally like to start and end your journey from this powerful country. The city has a large population and is not only a city of power. The art here is out of the world. One can be exposed to museums of music, ballet and even history. The rich culture of Russia is all consolidated in this one place. Many churches and sculptures add to the city’s ancient beauty. Since the city is a major metropolitan city, it has many housing and dining options.

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2. St. Petersburg

Alexander Palace of St. Petersburg

If you haven’t already explored it, but Russia in May is a hollow trip without St. Petersburg. The city, now also known as Leningrad, is by the Neva River. The city prides itself on its stunning buildings and art centers. One can take sail as a river and experience the city from a unique point of view. The city’s Hermitage Museum is a wonderful place. The Savior of the Winter Palace and Spilled Blood Church are some of its unique attractions. If you have a soft spot for art, you will like the colors of St. Petersburg.

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3. Kazan


The city on the banks of the Kazanka River is named after it. The mountainous palaces and museums of the Kazan Kremlin depict the city on the map. This iconic structure is not only an eye-catching building, but also offers a spectacular view of the city below. Soyambika Tower is another architectural wonder that has a special place in the history of Russia. The most unique of these is the ‘temple of all religions’. It is a complex that has the religious architecture of a mosque, a church and a synagogue.

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4. Welki Novgorod



Also called the birthplace of Russia, the city is one of the oldest cities in the country. The entire city has been labeled a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This preserves its natural beauty. If you are in Russia in May, then you know that it should be on the list of places. Said Sophia’s Cathedral is said to be as old as 1045. It is only a short distance from St. Petersburg, so it can be added to your map and can take a few days to see end-to-end.

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5. Irkutsk

Irkutsk city, Russia

City of curious travelers. There is enough infrastructure to add the city to your list. The city has some magnificent architectural sites, beautiful churches and a beautiful collection of restaurants. It is one of the places in the country where traces of the iconic Soviet block apartments can still be seen. The city has historical significance in the story of Russia and all these resonate in the streets of the city.

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4 things to do in Russia in May

If you are not that kind of traveler who can just sit back and see some places then Russia has something for you. There are a variety of activities in the country that can make your trip more memorable. Here are some that are most recommended for Russia in May.

1. Air flight to Moscow

Moon Over Miami Romance Air Tour

Aerial tour of Moscow ensures that a specialty does not offer many cities. Watch a bird’s eye view as you fly around in your small plane. These experiences can be booked using the government site and don’t cost a fortune. Russia’s little secret is MiG-29 tourism. Elsewhere a civilian may seek the thrill of a fighter jet aircraft but in Russia.

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2. Bike Tour of Moscow

Rental bike

The best way to see a city is to take it slowly. And cycling your way around the pleasant climate is the ideal opportunity to explore the city of Moscow. There are many organized bike tours around the city that take you through all the points of interest. They are both fun and exciting. They occur early in the morning so that you can give the day a fresh start. Tourism lasts approximately three to four hours; Be sure to book your spots early.

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3. Ice Diving

Ice diving


Ice diving has to be one of the extraordinary things about Russia. This type of experience cannot be easily experienced in most parts of the world. These diving is more thrilling like regular diving. Note that this cannot be done without special training so if you want to try this you will have to make your journey a bit longer. Russia also has a very favorable season for doing so in May.

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4. Hiking

Og - hiking to the new south_24 Jan

If you have a love for the outdoors, Russia will love you back. Destinations such as Lake Baikal or Votovara Trail are the proud jewels of hiking. If you are looking for a more challenging trek then the summit of Mount Elbrus is on the blacklist of many and is closed by only a few. The country offers a plethora of hike trails. You can always find one that is close to your destinations.

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