Eyelash Extensions: Everything You Need to Know


Eyelash extensions have become very popular in recent years. From celebrities and stars to the women at your job, and the ones you see on the street, women all over the world are getting beautifully full and long eyelashes with eyelash extensions. If you’re wondering if you should try it yourself, here’s everything you need to know before you dive in and get stuck.

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Advantages and disadvantages of eyelash extensions

Like any beauty treatment, eyelash extensions can have advantages and disadvantages. Their biggest advantage, however, is their appearance. There’s no denying that eyelash extensions are a great way to get your dream lashes without having to apply them every morning. They will also save you time on your makeup routine as you won’t have to curl your lashes and apply mascara. However, some eyelashes require maintenance, including regular brushing, special cleaning, and sometimes even blow-drying. Although incredibly durable, eyelash extensions also require regular touch-ups, which costs money. Although they are a bit pricey, many women find them worth the investment and provide great results.


Are extensions bad for your natural eyelashes?

It’s a common misconception that eyelash extensions damage your natural eyelashes. If the extensions are applied correctly and not removed, they will not damage your eyelashes or your eyes. Just be sure to consult a professional technician for application. Although the glue used in the process is safe, be aware that some women may have allergic reactions and let your technician know if you experience any tingling or pain. Once the eyelash extensions are applied, they will take some time to grow. If you decide you don’t want to keep up with your new eyelash maintenance, you will go through a tricky growth phase as your eyelashes grow naturally with the extensions attached.

Getting eyelash extensions should always be a painless experience when done right. If you’re concerned about the sensitivity of your eyes, be sure to ask your lash technician about glue before you begin. The glue must not contain substances harmful to the eyes, such as formaldehyde.


Types of eyelash extensions

There are three types of eyelash extensions: synthetic, silk and mink. The type you receive will depend on your natural lashes and desired results, as well as your technician’s preferences. Some techs like to use a synthetic and silk combination while others stick to one or the other. These types of artificial eyelashes will easily create an even look. Mink lashes, on the other hand, are 100% natural fiber lashes. This means they are lighter and look more natural than artificial eyelashes, but their length and thickness cannot be controlled. Although they may look attractive to you, be aware that mink lashes cost more.

Eyelash extensions can come in a range of sizes from around 6mm to 17mm. The length and thickness of eyelash extensions you can receive depends on your natural eyelashes. A professional technician will be able to advise you on the best eyelash extensions that are right for you. As you want to ensure that your natural lashes stay healthy, it’s best to start with fewer, smaller extensions and add more later, especially if you have naturally short, thin lashes.


How long does it take to apply?

In the eyelash extension application process, each eyelash is individually bonded to a single natural eyelash using semi-permanent glue. For a full set of lashes, this process will usually take about two hours. During this time you will need to keep your eyes completely closed to ensure proper application and safety. If you want eyelash extensions on a budget or are looking for a more subtle effect, consider getting a half set of eyelashes instead. A half set will still look great thickening on natural lashes without the drama of a full set. It will also take less time to apply and cost less.

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How often do you need to have them redone?

One of the benefits of eyelash extensions is that they last a long time. A set of eyelashes can easily last all year round with the right maintenance. Since only one eyelash extension is attached to a single natural eyelash, the extensions should each last for the full growth cycle of your natural eyelashes (usually six to eight weeks). However, to make sure they always look their best, it is suggested that you do light touch-ups every three to four weeks. Also, be sure not to pick or tug on your extensions, as this may damage them and your natural lashes.


Products to avoid

Once you have received your eyelash extensions (including touch-ups), you will need to avoid water (showering, face washing, and swimming) for the first 12-24 hours. Water can weaken the glue before it sets completely and cause the lashes to fall out. After this time, you can get your eyelash extensions wet, but be careful not to rub or pull them. Avoid using oil-based products and makeup removers around the area as they can affect your extensions as well. Likewise, the use of waterproof mascara is not recommended as it is difficult to remove and can cause eyelashes to fall out. Regular mascara, on the other hand, can be used when you have eyelash extensions, but it’s best to avoid it if possible as it can shorten the life of the eyelashes.


Eyelash extensions near me

When looking to get eyelash extensions, finding a professional technician is key. Only someone with the proper training can guarantee that the correct products will be used and lashes will be applied without damaging your natural lashes or hurting your eyes. Here are our recommended eyelash extension salons in Australia.



Do eyelash extensions damage your natural lashes?

There is no reason for eyelash extensions to damage your natural lashes if applied correctly. For this reason, it is always advisable to go to a reputable salon to have them done. The problem is that extensions can cause damage if you’re not careful how you take care of them. For example, tugging and tugging can create lash loss. Some women may also have an allergic reaction to the glue used when applying them, and if so, you should alert your technician immediately.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

Eyelash extensions are a wonderful way to get beautiful, full lashes, but application is time consuming and expensive. This is a good thing as they last around six to eight weeks. You can also opt for touch-ups instead of having to completely redo them, and you can do this every three to four weeks. Of course, this differs for every woman and depends on the natural growth of your eyelashes. There are also different types, lengths and sizes to consider.

What is the right age to get eyelash extensions?

Generally, a salon will not apply eyelash extensions to anyone who is not 18 or older. Some may do this for those 16 and older if they have parental consent.

Is it dangerous to have eyelash extensions?

In general, eyelash extensions are not considered dangerous, although there may be side effects. Some women may suffer damage and lose their natural eyelashes, others may have an allergic reaction and there is also a risk of infection. To minimize your risk, you should always do your research beforehand and choose a reputable salon and a qualified technician. It is also advisable to opt for eyelashes that are neither too long nor too heavy, as this can further increase complications.

How popular are eyelash extensions?

Although many other beauty trends have come and gone, eyelash extensions have remained popular for several years. It’s a great procedure to add fullness to your lashes and really draw attention to your eyes. In recent years, it is also a treatment that has grown in popularity and will likely remain a beauty staple for many women for years to come.

When did false eyelashes become popular?

False eyelashes have been popular since the 90s when celebrities like Pamela Anderson and Cindy Crawford chose to enhance their eyes by adding length and fullness. Unlike other beauty trends that come and go, false eyelashes have been popular for decades and will likely continue to be.


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