Family Vacation Shirt Ideas To Make Your Shirts Stand Out

Have you ever been in an airport and noticed a bunch of people in a group wearing shirts promoting their personal vacations? Those people are often in a big family or group that is going together to someplace special. Sometimes these shirts can be about a unique topic destination. In other instances, a shirt can be about an exciting theme park. Regardless of what is on the shirt, there are many family vacation shirt ideas that people often come up with when looking to create something to remember a trip.

You can create your own customized shirts for everyone in your family or group too. You can prepare these shirts for everyone before the vacation so they can all have something to wear together or at least a unique souvenir for the trip. The ways how you can get one of these shirts ready can be exceptionally vast and deserves to be compared with each other to see what great things can be done with them.

Family Vacation Shirt Ideas

Your custom family shirts can feature one of many great designs. Let’s look at a few great ideas for your family shirts.

Family Vacation Shirt ideas:

These are the family vacation shirt ideas you have to have a galnce at.

Spots For Each Family Member

Do you know how many people are going to be taking part on your family vacation? You can create family vacation shirts that highlight each member in the group if you have finalized a plan regarding who is coming.

A shirt could include a series of figures of people based on their genders and ages. You can get figures for men and women alike as well as figures for adults, seniors, teens, younger kids and infants or toddlers. Individual cartoon-like designs or other symbols can be used to specify each person who is going on the vacation.

You will have to list the names of the people next to their accompanying symbols. This is so every person on the shirt can be distinguished and identified.

Family Vacation Shirt Ideas

Illustrations Can Be Fun

Illustrations are always good to add to any shirt. The illustrations you add should be relevant to your vacation. These should entail symbols of whatever your vacation is about, for instance.

If you’re going on a cruise with your family. An illustration of a boat can be used. Meanwhile, if you’re going to another country, then a symbol relating to that country may be added. A double-decker bus could be utilized if you’re going with your family to London, for example.

The illustrations that are to be used should be arranged to where the text on your shirt will still be visible and distinguishable. More importantly, all those illustrations should be appropriate and relate to things that everyone in your party will be interested in. This should especially showcase what your vacation was about to curious onlookers. They will also make whatever you are wearing a little easier to spot in a crowd.

How Many Details?

You can always add as many details relating to the vacation as you want when getting your shirts ready. You can add information on the particular location of the vacation and the dates of that event. Be sure the information on where and when it will be are set in stone, so you don’t have to correct anything.

Choose a Great Type font

The type of font that you plan on using should be checked too. For a sports trip, you can always use a font that is similar to that of the typography for a sports team or league a family is following. For a tropical getaway, the letters could entail a more casual approach with some block or stick-like effects involved.

You can be as specific as you want with the type font. So long as it is reasonable for the trip you’re going on. For instance, if you were going to head to Walt Disney World. Then you can always go for something a little more whimsical and casual. You could even choose a type font that makes the letters look similar. To how the typography on the Disney logo looks to bring the vacation theme home.

Watch How the Text Works

The text that you can add onto your family vacation shirt can be appealing and accurate with regards to the vacation you are planning. That doesn’t mean you should add just anything. You have to ensure that the text is robust and significant enough to where it can be read. Also, it must be thick enough in the design to where it will stay intact.

The problem with smaller bits of text that can be printed onto a shirt is that sometimes characters might be easily washed off. This is a real problem as it makes some things on your shirt harder to notice and less visible. You will have to be careful when getting a plan for your text ready.  as you don’t want to use anything rather small and likely to be washed off depending on how the shirt is printed.

Family Vacation Shirt Ideas

Any Good Jokes?

You can always put in a bit of wordplay onto your family vacation shirt. The wordplay for your shirt could be made with a simple reference to the particular event that your family is participating in.

For instance, family vacations that take place in different countries where certain languages are spoken could have puns on some common foreign words. A trip to a tropical destination can have a pun relating to the beach or the beautiful things around. There’s no limit as to what designs you can use in this case so think well about what you could get out of a nice shirt.

Of course, there are some puns and forms of wordplay that have been used a little too often. There have certainly been plenty of cruise ship shirts. In the past involving people who “like big boats” and “cannot lie” or shirts where people say that “what happens in” the destination “stays in” that place. Also, as entertaining of a movie as National Lampoon’s Vacation is, quotes from the movie have been used quite often on many vacations shirts.

Simply put, it is best to be more creative and to avoid some of the more common jokes. And references that many put on their shirts. You can always come up with something more inventive. If you just think about it for a while or even ask other people to see what options might work well.

What’s the Best Color?

The next point to see entails the color that you want to use for your shirt. A real color should be chosen to fit in well with the style or theme of the vacation. For instance, a trip to Disneyworld could call for a series of light blue shirts to match up with the primary Disney logo. Meanwhile, if your family was to go out to Spain to see a soccer game. Then you could get shirts that match up with the colors of the team you’ll be seeing. You could get a white tone for Real Madrid or red for Atletico Madrid, for instance.

Make sure the base color matches up well with the colors on your design. You need to ensure that the colors aren’t going to blend too much to the point. Where it might be tough for you to get some things in your design to stand out.

Family Vacation Shirt Ideas

What Matching Items Do You Have?

The matching elements that you would use alongside your customized shirts are the last things to look into. You can get all sorts of bags, hats and other items to go with your shirts. Think about designs that can carry over to other elements. In some way and you’ll have more than just some nice shirts. You will also have some appealing bags and other things to go with a designer shirt style.

Remember when getting shirts for your family that you look at. How you’re getting a design ready and that you know what to expect out of your vacation. Be careful when creating your shirt customize the project. And you’ll have a great souvenir for all members of your family to cherish for years to come.

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