Fathers day special: Cool things to do for the special day

Fathers day special: Cool things to do for the special day

Fathers day special: During Father’s day special many plan are made to shower him with gifts, cakes and flowers. How about doing things little differently this time? Instead of buying him a watch, camera or an expensive smart phone, why not take him on a dream vacation or do some creative ideas on that day.

Fathers day special
Fathers day special

Here are ways to bond with your Daddy Cool:

Make romance:

Father’s Day is not just a day to celebrate as provider and caregiver for the children. It’s a day to honour your partner as your lover and friend. Make him special by telling him how much he means to you. As a life partner and as a father to your children give him a sexy surprise in the morning. Steal a few moments during the day to show how much you love him.

A day free from any pressure or stress is something whir Dad would like the most. So elimination of pressure is very important. Dad would really appreciate no deadlines, no hassles, no chores, no having to fix anything and no rushing about on his special day. So relaxation is very important on this special day.

Attend a Base ball Game:

If dad is a big sport fan, there’s no better way to spend Father’s Day at his favourite team’s park. Most major and minor baseball leagues offer specials discounts style=”font-weight: 400;”> on that day.

Fishing is one of the most superb Father’s day activities. When else do you get to stand by side and catch up on life while you enjoy the outdoors?

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Forget another gift of golf shots. Take your dad for a thrilling ride. Take a drive to the closet amusement park and spend the entire day there with the family. From thrilling roller coaster rides to carnival food. By enjoying the thrilling rides he will bring back his childhood memories.

On father’s Day special create a scavenger hunt and give dad clues to help him find his special gift. This can be an indoor activity or a scavenger hunt bike ride around the neighbour. Arrange to have him find his last clue at a picnic lunch or a nearby restaurant.

Get him a flying lesson

Get him a flying lesson that he will no doubt talk about for years to come. Whether he wants to start a high flying career as a pilot or just test his skills. Give him the opportunity to fly a plane on his special day. While it will be just dad and the plane instructor on board, the whole family can wait on the field to watch dad land the plane turning it into a fun day out for everyone.

Dad works hard all week so book him a massage for Father’s day where he will be relaxed. You can usually find good deals for local massage centers on Group on.

Rock out at a live show:

Let dad re-live his rock star days by heading to a concert in your area. He will appreciate the time that you have spent time together.

Live entertainment:

If the weather turns out to be as lovely as hoped for on father’s Day this year then you could consider finding a live performance that you can take your dad too. There are plenty of shows being put on throughout the day, from open air theatre productions to outdoor cinema screenings.

Go camping:

There’s so much exploring and bonding on a camping trip. Take dad to a great outdoor getaway by helping him pitch a tent. Make some smores and do a little stargazing.

This Father’s Day gift your dad the gift of time. The one thing in this world is that time is absolutely finite and cannot be bought or sold. Spend some quality time with him create memories and make this day worthwhile.

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