Features of Sound Cloud App and Audible For Android

Features of Sound Cloud App and Audible For Android

Sound Cloud App
Sound Cloud App

Sound Cloud app is said to be a wonderful app and it has been developed to give you the ability of listening, recording and sharing all sorts of sound with your friends and relatives and social media. In addition, you can also listen to the newest tunes from the biggest community of bands, audio creators and the musicians in the world through Sound Cloud app. You can capture any sound and you can share them through twitter, Tumblr, facebook and so forth within few seconds. The best part of this app is that it has its own social media network which enables you access and listen to the recordings of others and even make comments and rate them. You can listen to the music by streaming as long as you have a reliable internet connection.

Unique Features Of Sound Cloud:

It is very easy to use Sound Cloud app. Once you have downloaded and installed this app on your device, you can tap on the record button to log your own voice or play a certain song to record with the app to share it with the Sound Cloud Community. The interesting fact is that with sound cloud, you can also surf and listen music and audio sounds with cohesive audio music player. Moreover, you can also search and follow users similar to traditional twitter following that enable you to track sound activity of those you follow through streaming section.

Hassle-Free Music Sharing Feature:

The searching provision associated with Sound Cloud enables you to locate the music of specific individuals or specific sounds that you prefer listening. However, the first time users can get confused with the menus while navigating but with time, they can get adapted to the system completely. The major difference between Sound Cloud application and others is its ability to reduce the hassles of receiving and sharing sounds and music. Being one of the legal music receiving and sharing applications, it enables people to take an advantage of this new app in an efficient manner. If you prefer using this app, you can get rid of complications associated with sending files through inefficient sharing channels or emails.

Paid And Free Versions:

As Sound Cloud application can be downloaded and installed on the device for free, the new users can register with it without spending even a single buck. Moreover, the registration process is completed through the provision of password and username. The users should also agree to the terms and conditions of this app and even with its privacy policy. As a matter of the fact, the Sound Cloud also enables the new users to sign up with the Facebook but only after acknowledging the terms and conditions. Even though, it is free to use this app, there is also a premium account which comes with additional features. However, the user should pay specific amount to use this paid plan which may range between life plan to the pro plus plan.  The users can choose between the paid and free account based on their requirements.

About Audible For Android:

Audible For Android
Audible For Android

There are several android users who are passionate about audio books and they will wonder to hear it is possible to have an audio book player installed on their smart phones. Of course, you can have this option of your android tablet or smart phone by adding a new feature to it. In the recent times, an android application called Audible for Android has been launched on the market. The best thing about this app is that it not only allows individuals to read the books but also allows them to listen. As an android device user, you can easily download and install this wonderful audible for android application from any of the reputed online stores for free. Once you have installed them on your device, you can instantly listen to your best books.

Get 7 Free Books:

The application is designed in such a way that it allows the user to purchase their favorite books from their preferred stores. As it offers full support to access to some of the websites of best audible books, you can get rid of hassle associated with finding the appropriate websites that can with it. The most lucrative thing about this app is that you can get seven great books at free of cost after downloading and installing this app on your mobile. Even though, this application is free to use, you need to pay for the books that you want to listen after getting 7 books initially.

Embedded Features Of Audible For Android:

You can easily navigate your books in the preferred order and it also enables you to switch from one chapter to another and even to skip pages. Most importantly, this app also allows you to create notes, bookmarks, etc. Moreover, you can also share your preferred books with your friends and can also set sleep timer with this application. In addition to these excellent features, there are several more which make this app east to use and more interesting. Audible for Android app comes with audio player which is already embedded in the application. With easy to use features, the users will not feel any sort of complication to use this application. 

Easy To Use Interface:

As Audible for Android application is full of use, it provides the users with useful and great interface and thereby enabling them to use the app without any hassle. The built-in audio player facilitates the user to listen to the audio in a clear manner. Along with this application, you can also get a read timer that exactly shows the status of your reading time. This is really a great application for everyone as it provides the platform for the user to listen to their favorite books during bed time or while driving the vehicle. Thus, it is possible for everyone to listen to their favorite books regardless of time and activities that they are indulged in with this audible for android app. There is no doubt that overall design of this app makes it easier for book lovers to listen their favorite books.

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