Festive Mehndi Patterns – 10 Brilliant Design

Festive Mehndi Patterns – 10 Brilliant Design

Festive Mehndi Patterns : Mehendi has the most important role in Indian rituals and occasions. In almost every holy Indian, rather in South Asian ceremonies women decorate their hands with beautiful coloured mehendi designs. Though in India, mehendi gets the biggest footage in weddings only.  

Festive Mehndi Patterns But in other festives like Karva Chauth, Deewali, several Pujas and vrats women go for different designing mehendi on their hands. As the trend of mehendi is growing high everywhere. The style and designs are also getting updated with each passing moment. There are diverse design ideas available today depending on the different types of festivals happen in India.

Mehendi Designs – For Weddings

Festive Mehndi Patterns Wedding mehendi designs are the most significant things for the bride. In bridal mehendi design, women decorate their hands with mehendi from elbow till the fingers. Also the brides put mehendi designs on their feet as well. There are different types of brilliant bridal mehendi designs are available.

  1. Rajasthani motifs

Rajasthani motifsThe Rajasthan style mehendi design, Rajasthani Motifs has fine and small designs. The designer makes the motifs similar to the inner wall designs of the old palaces situated in Rajasthan. The architectures and the patterns have royal looks all over.

  1. Elephant pattern

Elephant patternElephant pattern is also another royal look of mehendi designs. The elephants are made at the beginning of the design that shows the bride and the groom is coming on elephants. The style and the pattern carry royal and elegant.

  1. King and Queen Pattern

King and Queen PatternIn this a King and a queen is being made on the two palms of the brides. Around the faces of the King and the Queen the other designs like dots, flowers and other motifs are being made. The designs show the love and relationship of the two newly wedded people.

  1. The Palanquin design

The Palanquin designThe palanquin is one thing that carries the bride to her in-laws house. In this design there is a palanquin (Palki) is made in the centre of the bride’s palm and around it the other designs are made. The Palki style is traditional yet extremely fashionable as it shows the heritage culture of our society.

  1. Coloured mehendi

Coloured mehendiThe best mehendi style for the wedding is coloured mehendi. In earlier days there was no such ways where people can use different colours in mehendi. But today the scene has changed totally. There are many colours that can be used in mehendi to make it shine and bright.

Mehendi Designs – For other festivals

The mentioned patterns are all heavy work and fine designs especially for the brides. But there are other easy and simple designs as well which are for the other occasions like vrats, pujas and karva chauths. The designs are:

  1. Floral style

Floral styleThese are the most common designs. In floral style you have diverse flowers as main design and you can then fill the rest of your palm with other simple designs like dots and shapes.

  1. Architectural style

Architectural styleIn this style mainly some geometric styles are being made. Shapes like round, square and triangles are made. The shapes are being filled with glitters or colours or sometimes other simple designs. The designs take less time to make. So in any occasion you can draw it yourself at home before visiting any ritual or festivals.

  1. Curvy pattern and other motifs

Curvy pattern and other motifsIn this style you can draw any of the motifs with much more curvy style. The designs are looking like waves and as you move your hands the motifs look like the curves are dancing. This style is easy and simple yet fashionable and creative for any occasions.

  1. Arabic style

The most popular design in souther Asian countries, Arabic style is simple and elegant. It has half-half style designs made in a portion of the palm and back of the palm.

Egyptian style

  1. Egyptian style

In this style the fingers and the centre of the palm is coloured with solid colours. No such detailed designs are being made in this style.

10 brilliant festive mehendi designs

Patterns Festivals
Rajasthani Weddings
Elephant Weddings
King & Queen Weddings
Palanquin Weddings
Coloured Weddings, other festivals
Floral All festivals
Architecture Deewali, vrats
Curvy Any festivals
Arabic Any festival

Pakistani weddings, other festive


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