How to find LSI Keywords quickly to steal your competitor’s traffic?

How to find LSI Keywords quickly

LSI Keywords: When it comes to SEO, I’m sure you’ve heard enough about the keyword optimization tactics, On-page SEO and Keyword density for past few years.


If you’re looking for some new strategies? Which you can quickly use on your content right now to improve your site’s traffic.

Means, you’ll love this user-friendly guide about the “LSI keywords.”

In this article, I have covered almost everything about the topic of LSI Keywords.

If you are particularly new to this topic means?

Don’t worry,

I have got you covered you as well.

In this guide, you’ll not only find fundamental aspects of LSI keywords, but also you’ll see advanced factors and latest trends as well.

And here the tactics you’ll learn in this article:

  • What are LSI Keywords?
  • What is Latent Semantic Indexing?
  • Benefits of using LSI keywords?
  • How to find LSI keywords?
  • How to use LSI Keywords?
  • Where to find untapped LSI keywords?
  • How to strategically implement LSI keywords?

Now, Just grab a cup of coffee and keep reading this article through the end. You’ll explore the new ways to find LSI keywords.

LSI Keywords
LSI Keywords

Firstly let us get into the basic stuff,

What are the LSI keywords?

 LSI keywords are nothing but the synonyms of the primary keyword that Google uses to determine the page concept and relevance.

Here LSI referred to the “Latent Semantic Index.” Usually, almost all search engines will have a glance at these LSI keywords in the web content to get the exact meaning of the material.

LSI keywords main purpose is to help search engines like google to better understand the content of the webpage by merely adding the relevant words which connect with the target keyword.

In all cases, synonyms won’t work to get a bright idea. In those cases, you can use related words, substitutions, etc.

Ex:  If you write a post on “ Windows” means you should logically have “windows 10”, “Windows 7”, “Windows 8”, “Windows laptop,” or “Microsoft” as the LSI keywords.

How to find LSI Keywords
How to find LSI Keywords

These LSI keywords indicate google and tell them that this article is about the Windows Operating system but not about the “window grills” or “windows locks” or “ window clamps” etc.

LSI Keywords
LSI Keywords

Now, as we are in starting stage, you’ll slowly understand how to find LSI keywords below.

What is Latent Semantic Indexing?

Latent Semantic Indexing is a simple algorithm which helps search engines like google to understand the content of the webpage clearly. By this process, Google will take the web pages and match with the search queries of the users. Generally, these are the more accurate search results for the users.

Latent Semantic indexing also helps you to determine the relationship between multiple documents quickly. Search engines like google can promptly understand whether the keywords are ” Semantically distant” or “Semantically close.” By measuring these two factors, Google will calculate the results and shows the most relevant one in the user search query.

Now, if you are wondering about the definitions of “Semantically distant” & “Semantically close” means scroll down.

  • Semantically distant: When multiple documents have minor common synonyms, words & correlations means they are called as the semantically distant.
  • Semantically close: when multiple documents have a large number of common words, phrases, synonyms, correlations means there are semantically close and Google value these type of documents.

Until now we have learned about the basic definitions and concept of the LSI keywords. Now, let us enter into the second step of the article on “What is Semantic SEO?” and why Google is using LSI keywords to find out the content.

What is Semantic SEO:

Semantic SEO is nothing but the “question or search phrase” which produces meaningful results even when the content doesn’t have an exact match of the words or phrases.

You can also say the ability of search engines to find the topic and rank accordingly it is also known as Semantic Search.

Most of the SEO’s always thank google because they have brought this Semantic SEO in the search ranking process.

Now, most of you might be in a confused state, right?

Let me take you to the history “Hummingbird” Algorithm:

A few years back, Google used to analyze all the individual keywords on the page and used to rank keywords. As a result, lots of spam and keyword stuffing blogs has come up in first page results and does not provide any value to the users.


Hummingbird Algorithm
Hummingbird Algorithm

So, Google has launched an algorithm called hummingbird to get rid of all those spammy sites. After the update, Google can now understand your topic of the website & page easily. It all happened mainly because of the LSI keywords.

Now, we have seen about the history, but we did not cover its benefits. Right?

So, let’s get into the benefits of LSI Keywords.

Benefits of using LSI Keywords?

Adding LSI Keywords are useful in extracting SEO benefits. Once you have written your giant article, you should be optimizing your content with related LSI keywords to boost your SERPs Ranking.

Now, let get into the key benefits of using LSI Keywords.

  1. Instantly Decreases your Bounce Rate:

LSI Keywords can immediately decrease your sites bounce rate if you apply them correctly. These keywords help you to reduce the bounce rate by simply preventing ranking for irrelevant keywords or the wrong keywords.

Usually, when your site ranks for wrong keyword people will just visit your website thinking that their query will be solved on your site. But, unfortunately, they will see the wrong content on your page, and they will merely bounce from your page.

That’s when your site will have a high bounce rate, and once you have site bounce rate, it will affect your SERPs Rankings.

Ex: Here I am going to use two articles which minor difference. This is the easiest example to understand the concept of LSI keywords clearly.

I have taken “ Apple” as the keyword. Now when you say apple, two things come into everyone’s mind. One is the Apple phone, and the other one is apple fruit. As we are humans, we know what’s our search intent, but as a search engine, Google will have a glance at LSI keywords to understand the article.

Here google takes your LSI keywords like “ Apple iPhone” “ Apple Company” “Apple watch” and so on as to understand the article. And it ranks to the relevant searches.

This way Apple phone cannot land on the apple fruit, and so there will be no bounce rate.

Below you can see Apple Fruit LSI keywords, and when you change LSI keywords, there will be a change in topic.

  1. Helps your content from being Labelled as Spam:

As I said, in the above example using LSI keywords prevent your content from being marked as spam content both in the eyes of searcher and Search engines as well.

If you use LSI keywords carefully means you can just stay away from wrong keywords and as a result, you will not be labeled as a spam blog.

  1. Drastically Improves Search Engine Ranking:

You believe it or not, in 2018 by using LSI keywords lots of blogs has got a massive improvement in search rankings. For example, you can have a look at blogs like backlinko, search engine land, quick sprout, etc.

Usually, when Googlebot crawls your site, it automatically understands the perception of your page, and so it will rank your content accordingly. If you use perfect LSI keywords for your article means you will definitely improve your site rankings.

  1. Increases your Visitors time spent on your site:

Using LSI keywords can help you to keep your visitor on your site for more amount of time.

Usually, LSI keywords are used naturally with the flow so people will be interested to read your article. That’s when you can increase viewers time spent on your site. So, it helps in boosting SEO results as well.

  1. Boosts you Blog Authority:

Usually, when you get good rankings in organic results, you will naturally have a boost in traffic. When you increase your traffic, you will definitely see more clicks, and as a result, it leads to improvement of your blog authority.

  1. Increase site leads:

As you include LSI keywords in your article, it will increase your search traffic, and as a result, you can improve your site leads & sales. Most of the surveys prove that sales increase a lot from the main focused and long tail LSI keywords.

Now, we have completed the Benefits of LSI keywords. Let’s get into the main topic “ How to find LSI keywords.”

How to find LSI Keywords

Finding useful LSI keywords for your well-researched article is a somewhat a tricky task. But, you can take the help of some tools to find valuable LSI keywords.

Firstly, the primary and most accessible tool to find the best and relevant LSI keywords is google search. Most of you might already know about this but if you don’t then let me show you what LSI keywords google search shows.

Discover basic LSI keyword Suggestion with Google search:

When you search for any keyword in the Google’s search box, you’ll automatically find a popup search option where Google will suggest you with all the similar searches. These are none other than the LSI keywords

This is the first and best option to check the LSI keywords. Now, when you scroll down to the bottom of the google search results, you will find another box which shows searches related to the keyword.

Those keywords are called the LSI Keywords, and you can make full use of these keywords.

Next one to find LSI Keywords is Google Keyword Planner.

Make Use of Google Keyword Planner:

Google Keyword planner is another essential tool to find out valuable LSI keywords quickly. It is the initial tool you have to search for LSI keywords after the google search.

This helps you to find out all the LSI keywords, and it will also suggest few keyword ideas as well.

Although this tool is a fundamental tool, it can give you a basic idea on LSI keywords from Google auto-suggest and other related searches.

You can quickly find the LSI keywords in google keyword planner just by searching the keyword search volume. It will show all the ad group and keyword ideas of the specific keywords which are obviously useful as for finding Keywords.

Answer the Public:

Answer the public is the most overlooked tool by the general SEOs. If you really want to get good results for your research, then your LSI keyword research is incomplete with this Answer the public tool.

It is a fantastic tool which gives you tons of LSI keyword ideas on the topic. Apart from that it also shows the long-lasting list of keywords visually.

This tool helps you to find out all the related keywords effectively by “term” by “term” search and visual representation as well.

LSI Graph:

LSI graph is another excellent tool which is trusted by lots of SEO experts such as Brain Dean, Neil Patel and so on.

This tool is has a capability of extracting all the filtered and best SEO LSI keywords for your keyword.

Here all you have to do is enter your keyword and click on the generate button to get the massive LSI keywords list. Although this tool has only a few free searches, but it is a useful tool you should have when you are finding best LSI keywords.

How to use discovered LSI keywords:

Well, most of you will start working with these found LSI keywords but if you don’t know what to do next. Then let me explain to you, after Discovering enough LSI keywords you have to measure which keywords are useful for your article.

Here comes the concept of the “TF-IDF” this is a concept which can help you to measure LSI keywords.

Now, are you finding it hard?

Then let me explain to you the basic stuff.

What is “TF-IDF”?

“T-IDF” is a concept which shows the frequency of the document. Here TF IDF refers to the frequency inverse document frequency. This is specially used by the search engine algorithms to determine the relevant web content for a specific keyword.

The search engines usually give more importance to the keywords that present alongside the primary keyword in documents as LSI keyword. Apart from that it also shows how often LSI keyword is presented in the text and it will check the density of the LSI keywords as well.

In general, premium tools can take the “TF-IDF.” Along with the premium tools you can also use free tools like “ SEO Powersuite” & Website Auditor to analyze the keyword frequency.

Doing this analysis is useful for your research, and it often helps you to find the best possible term you have to include in that post.

These reports will show you the used LSI keyword Density of the top 10 results of the keyword. So, that you can get an idea about the competition and what’s working for other to rank higher in SERPs results.

Using Google Search Console to see which keyword is getting results:

Google search console can quickly display you the keywords that are driving traffic to your site. So, you can make use of these keywords to drive more traffic.

  • Firstly, you have to log into your google search console account, and you have to open your search traffic.
  • Then just click on the search analytics, and this shows you the results of favorite posts.
  • Now open that post and analyze all the LSI keywords that are driving traffic towards your site.
  • Make a list of keywords that are working effectively in getting search traffic.
  • Now, separate all the keywords which are getting traffic despite you aren’t targeting them.
  • Head over to any premium keyword tool or free tool and analyze the first ten pages of those keywords.
  • Finally, create an improved version and include all the LSI keywords which are used to rank higher in google.

USE SEMRUSH to find competitors keywords & steal their traffic:

As you are trying to improve your traffic, you have to make use of the ultimate premium tool SEMRUSH to take proper reports. You can quickly get untapped keywords from this special premium tool.

Usually, free tools won’t show all the date you required, but premium tools like SEMRUSH will show all the results you need to know.

Firstly, to take the proper report in SEMRUSH head over to the Semrush account and type your competitors URL in the search box and press Enter.

After that, select “Organic Results” in the search option and head over to the positions. Then you can see the specific keyword position volume and so on. Now, pick the most profitable keyword which is suitable for your article and include them in your blog post.

This will definitely help you to improve your search traffic. Along with that, you’ll be getting profitable LSI keywords to get results.

SEMrush Review for beginners to expert SEOs and site owners

Use Serpstat to dig out search suggestions and search queries:

Serpstat is another excellent tool to find out LSI keywords. It is actually an all-in-one SEO tool which contains five crucial tools which are useful.

Keyword Research, Rank Tracking, Site Audit, Competitive Analysis, and backanalysis are the distinctive feature of this tool.

With this tool, you can quickly dig into the competitor’s area and find some bunch of LSI keywords

  • Search questions: you can find the search question from the Google’ search suggestion.
  • Search suggestion: these are the popular search queries which often pop up under the search bar.
  • Related Keywords: you can quickly take the proper reports which are semantically related to the keyword.
  • With this tool, you can even export all the keywords to google sheets or Excel as well.

Soovle — Explore quick search suggestions:

When you are searching for the best tool to find out exact search queries for your keyword. Then this is a helpful tool which gives you perfect answers to your questions. Here all you have to do is enter your search query and then it gives the result of top 10 searches in all the popular search engines.

As a result, you can get specific search suggestions for this tool. It also supports results from Google, Wikipedia, bing, yahoo, youtube, and Amazon as well.

Apart from these, you can also use tools like, mondovo, ubersuggest, etc.

Now, we have completed how to find keywords and what to do with them. Right?

Finally, we have come to the final stage of the article,

How to use Discovered LSI keywords to Boost your search rankings higher?

Now, with all the above strategies and tools finally, you are having a list of best LSI keywords with you.

Right now, you have to use this list correctly to boost your search traffic.

Most of the bloggers and newbies always make silly mistakes with these spots only. So, here I am going to give you some tips which are helpful in ranking your content higher.

  1. Choose the Perfect Keyword for your page:

 As we are having tons of tools which yields tons of results does not mean that you have to use all of them. Instead of using tons of keywords you have to be specific, and you have to think about the google’s rankbrain algorithm update as well.

Now, you have to carefully select the LSI keywords on the bases of the search volume and medium keywords.

Remove all the unrelated keywords by carefully analyzing them.

For Ex: when you are searching for sports shoes, don’t ever choose formal shoes or other categories it will merely harm your SEO efforts.

  1. Always use LSI keywords Naturally:

Usually experienced content writers often go with the flow by including all those LSI keywords naturally, but few writers still struggle to keep LSI keywords. Instead, they always search for some ways to incorporate these keywords without any intention and need.

That’s really bad for SEO, here all you have to do naturally include them in your writing. It doesn’t mean that you should use every keyword in your articles. Instead use them correctly by adding LSI Keywords naturally and add value to your blog post.

  1. Where to include LSI keywords?

 Typically this is one of the question starters always ask bloggers. If you are struggling with the placement of LSI keywords, then have a glance at the positions.

  • Include LSI Keyword in Title tag.
  • Use them in Permalinks
  • You can make use of them in Meta tags.
  • Use them in Header tags logically according to the Google’s RankBrain.
  • Make use of LSI keywords in Anchor text.
  • Always keep your LSI keyword in starting 100 words.
  • Make sure you sprinkel LSI keywords in the body of the content
  • Insert keyword in ending 100 words.

Don’t try to stuff keywords, use them naturally. Make sure you have at least LSI keywords for 1000 words you write.

Here’s the Final step:

Now, I want to turn the bottle towards you:

Do you find this article helpful?

Which of these tactics are you going to use for your blog articles?

Let us know in the comment section. And also visit this post frequently as we update this post regularly with new strategies.

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