Find Your Fragrance Match and Boost Your Productivity

Find Your Fragrance Match and Boost Your Productivity

Find Your Fragrance Match: There are several ways to jumpstart your day but a better way to increase productivity at work is with magnificent fragrances. Surround yourself with incredible fragrances that will help stimulate your mind and keep you fresh. Fragrances can keep refreshed, help you stay upbeat and lift your mood.

What about your drive to work? Car fresheners like the Godrej Aer Click  #aerTime  can simply change the air in your car and give you that relaxed time to plan your day and mentally prepare. You can even use it in your cabin to create a relaxed working environment. You can create a space that makes you feel at home and gives you the right stimulus to perform at your best.

The next question is how do you determine which fragrance variant works for you? Based on your preference, you can elevate your mood, stay fresh and do whatever it takes to achieve your goal. With this attitude, you can climb mountains and be a changemaker.

So what fragrance are you? Let’s help you decide:

The Overachiever: Rich Irish Cocktail

Rich Irish Cocktail
Godrej Aer Twist Rich Irish Cocktail Car Air Freshener (45 g, Purple)ir?t=tcb06 21&l=am2&o=31&a=B019DWCR56

Add spice to your life with the deep and rich fragrance of the Rich Irish Cocktail. Your identity and corporate conquest is linked to each other. This makes you bring out a bold personality to achieve greatness and be a winner. With this rich fragrance, you are bound to be more attentive and focused. Match your individually with this fragrance and bring your leadership skills to the table.

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Believer: Bright Tangy Delight

Bright Tangy Delight

Reignite the flame of hard work, perseverance, and determination with a colourful Bright Tangy Delight fragrance. By being a firm believer in yourself, you can combine fun and play with hard work and deadlines. You generally carry the torch for the company and rally the support of others. Since you are a firm believer in your brand and your company, you will do everything to achieve goals and earn respect. This bright tangy fragrance allows you to keep calm. This fragrance will bring out a zest for life and boost your productivity and ambition.

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Natural: Petal Crush Pink

Petal Crush Pink

Looking to add some feminine flavour to your meetings? Then look no further than the Petal Crush Pink. It brings out a more sophisticated and feminine outlook. This fragrance will bring a sense of passion to your work that adds value to your work. You will set the benchmark high as you continue to earn laurels and awards in the process. The essential properties of this fragrance is that it helps you control emotional stress and can relieve tension and depression. This means that you would feel confident and optimistic as you go through your daily schedule. Add a dash of sophistication, take off the pressure and feel completely at ease with this long-lasting fragrance.

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Means Business: Fresh Lush Green

Find Your Fragrance Match

As the name suggests, you can bring to the table an uncharacteristic freshness and a no-nonsense policy. In time, you will pass on some of your best qualities onto your colleagues. The freshness of this fragrance radiates a go-with-the-flow attitude that looks to come out on top of every difficulty.Let this fragrance communicate freshness and resonate the spirit of energy, hard work and perseverance to achieve greatness.

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Free-spirited: Musk After Smoke

Musk After Smoke

If you are free-spirited and enjoy being laid back then this fragrance is for you. Your policy is not to over-think or pressure yourself at work when you can enjoy whatever you bring to the table. Your works speak for you as you let your creative juices flow. This allows you to remain in a stable frame of mind and give your best every time. This fragrance has the ability to keep you calm and composed throughout the day!

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Enjoy Godrej Aer’s  #aerTime  exquisite fragrance and feel the power of these incredible five fragrances as you feel more attentive, engaged and determined than ever before.

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