Fioboc Take Sustainable Fashion To the Next Level

Sustainable fashion has become a buzzword lately, and rightly so. For decades the fashion industry has been dominated by ‘fast fashion,’ which refers to clothing that is cheaply made and designed to be worn a few times and disposed of. This method of production is far from sustainable and impacts both the environment and the workers involved in the making of the clothing.

As more and more people are becoming aware of the devastating consequences of this type of fashion, their concern for the environment is rising. Consumers are now looking to purchase eco-friendly products. To satisfy this demand manufacturers understand the need to get with the times and craft fashionable clothing that not only looks great but is also environmentally friendly.

What Is Sustainable Clothing?

Fioboc Grey T-Shirt

The biggest question most people have when it comes to sustainability in the fashion industry is what the words “sustainable fashion” actually mean. In short, it is clothing being sold by brands that use materials d and manufactured in a way that is responsible and doesn’t harm the environment. Natural fibers are used when creating garments instead of relying on synthetic materials.

Sustainability also extends to the factories where the clothes are made and the people who work there. Ethical labor standards are a huge part of the eco-friendly fashion movement. The rights of employees and their working conditions and pay rates have never been more important.

Everything from where the materials are d to the type of packaging they are sold in is part of the process of sustainable fashion. That’s exactly what new brand Fioboc is delivering with their fantastic range of sustainable t-shirts.

Unlike many brands, Fioboc is transparent in their manufacturing processes, detailing what goes into their products for all to see. Compared to general textile construction, their manufacturing process reduces carbon emissions by 63%, which is a phenomenal effort. They and use only eco-friendly materials, reducing the need for fossil-based or synthetic fibers. This also extends to their packaging, with Fioboc using recycled cardboard boxes when shipping their products to consumers. They are also committed to replacing all single-use plastics with sustainable options.

The brand’s DTC mode (direct to customer) means once you’ve put your order in, the team at Fioboc will organize your garments and have them sent directly to you, cutting out any middle man. This is another fantastic initiative that cuts costs and has a positive impact when it comes to sustainability.

Humble Beginnings

Fioboc Grey T-Shirt Logo

Established in 2022, Fioboc might be a new name in the fashion game but they are already making waves with their collection of sustainable t-shirts. Like many high-quality brands, Fioboc understands how important it is to change the fashion industry. If things continue on the current trajectory, by 2050, around a quarter of the world’s carbon emissions will be caused by the fashion business, which is unacceptable. This is the reason brands such as Fioboc are committed to change.

Fioboc’s mission is to create stylish and sustainable clothing that is eco-friendly and responsible. These luxury pieces of clothing are suitable for a variety of occasions. Whether you are heading to work, relaxing at home, organizing a date night, or off to study, Fioboc has you covered.

The brand has a commitment to keep learning, exploring, and innovating when it comes to caring out its mission statement. They have scoured the world looking for the best ethical friendly materials and come up with a unique combination of fabrics that are soft to the touch, durable, comfortable, and above all, environmentally friendly. As Fioboc’s vision states: tech redefines fashion.

Sustainable Materials

Having visited manufacturing plants and brand factories throughout North America, Europe, and Asia to get an idea of what works, Fioboc has crafted its own original,  lightweight, and breathable fabric unlike any other. Their clothing is made from a combination of eco-friendly bamboo fiber and advanced bio-cellulose Sorona fabric blended with long-staple cotton.

Fioboc Anti-Sweat White T- Shirt

Each t-shirt from Fioboc’s luxury range is composed of 34% bamboo, 34% long-staple cotton, and 32% Sorona fiber. Bamboo is a fantastic renewable plant-based material that creates a breathable, hydrophobic, and durable fiber that is also anti-bacterial, UV resistant, and odor-free. Long-stable cotton is the best in the world and offers a silky feel on the skin. Then there is Sorona fiber, Fioboc’s secret weapon. This eco-friendly and efficient fiber is not only soft to the touch but contains stain-resistant and waterproof qualities.

Anti-Fouling and Water Repellant Options

Work Out in Fioboc T-Shirt

As well as being made from luxurious fabric that feels amazing against the skin, a variety of Fioboc’s t-shirts also have anti-fouling and water repellant technology. This is best exemplified by the Fiobo Men’s Anti-Oil Stain Proof Waterproof T-Shirt. This trendy white tee comes in a large array of sizes and combines sustainable materials with anti-oil adhesion that prevents liquids from staining the t-shirt. It doesn’t matter if you spill a glass of red, some milk from your cereal, or a few drops of tomato sauce from your hotdog, these liquids will leave no marks on the t-shirt. Paired with the sustainable Zelan™ R3 Water Repellent technology that effectively repels water and water-based liquids, the Fioboc Men’s Anti-Oil Stain Proof Waterproof T-Shirt will stay clean and dry no matter what circumstances you find yourself in.

If you want a tee with all this tech but a little more personality, then look no further than the Fioboc Men’s Short-Sleeve Anti-Oil Stain Proof Water Repellent T-Shirt. As well as being stain proof and waterproof, this clean-fitting white tee has distinct details around the neck and sleeves. The blue, red, and white pattern adds a touch of difference that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Both of these tees also feature anti-bacterial tech that makes sure the fabric stays free from germs and bacteria and also helps fight odors so you are always smelling fresh when wearing a Fioboc t-shirt.

Advanced Cooling Technology

Fioboc Cooling T-Shirt

As well as the above-mentioned anti-fouling t-shirts, Fioboc also produces tees with cooling technology. The Fioboc Men’s Tech Cooling Short-Sleeve Luminous Logo T-Shirt is an incredible evolution of the standard breathable t-shirt that is a must for gents who love spending time outdoors in the sun.

Available in three versatile colors (white, black, and grey), the Tech Cooling Short-Sleeve Luminous Logo T-Shirt has super micro-ice particles added to the fabric. These ice chips immediately lower your body temperature, keeping you cool and calm during those hot summer days.

Like all products crafted by Fioboc, this t-shirt has 3-stitch craftwork and a stylish neckband with tape. It also includes a luminous logo inspired by deep-sea organisms. The logo varies in color depending on the light you are in, adding a touch of class to this luxurious garment.

The Future Is Bright

Fioboc Black T-Shirt Layered

With brands like Fioboc leading the charge, sustainable fashion is heading in the right direction. The positive impact the brand is having on the environment and the fashion industry is commendable. While their range may be small, Fioboc’s dedication to the cause means each garment they produce is of the highest quality and guaranteed to make you look like a superstar.

Over the coming months, they will be releasing several exciting new products, including a range of hoodies in July. These aren’t just your standard hoodie though, with an advanced heating function meaning you will be nice and toasty while wearing it.

So if you’re after some new t-shirts with modern technology that also look great, head to Fioboc’s website now and put in an order.

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