Five Helpful Hints for First Time Mothers

Five Helpful Hints for First Time Mothers

First Time Mothers: Becoming a mother for the first time can be a frightening experience, but it doesn’t have to be.  If you do your research and prepare properly for your newly acquired responsibility. Having a baby can be a beautiful experience.  To help ease your racing mind, here are a few tips to help you have a healthy pregnancy And nurture a healthy baby throughout its first years.

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Pregnancy Tips

Sometimes it’s hard to know for sure if you are even pregnant in the beginning.  A few early signs of pregnancy include swollen or tender breasts, nausea or vomiting, smell sensitivity, and cravings for very specific foods.  Just remember that the only way to know for sure that you are pregnant is to schedule an appointment with your family doctor, and get a blood test.

Some helpful steps you can use to make sure you do your part for a healthy pregnancy include:

Start a regimen of prenatal vitamins the moment you find out you are pregnant.

Don’t drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes during your pregnancy.

Exercise and drink plenty of fluids.  Juices and water are among the healthier choices.

Wear comfortable, non-restricting clothing and shoes to allow your body room to breathe.

Birthing Tips

There are a few terms and situations you will encounter when you give birth. That you should have knowledge of before your baby arrives.  When you go into labor, sometimes the birthing process stalls.  If the doctor deems it useful, he may order a Pitocin drip to help move your labor along.  This is just an extra dose of a chemical that your body already produces naturally during birth.  This medication is also used to induce labor if a child is overdue or in distress.

When you are pushing, it is helpful to remember to only push when it becomes a natural urge to do so.  Holding your breath is no longer thought to be the best practice.  You should push when you are exhaling after a natural urge to bear down.

PregnancyMotherhood Essentials

Breastfeeding and nursing are a great way to assure that your newborn remains healthy. And receives the nutrients he/she needs to grow.  If you are able and choose to breastfeed your child, don’t just drop everything and run every time the baby is hungry.  Feedings can take some time, so get yourself a drink, and use the restroom before you sit down to feed your newborn.

Also, sleep when your baby sleeps, and stop complaining about being tired.  You’re not going to get a full night’s sleep for a while after having a baby.  Verbally speaking out negative things will only make you feel even more tired.  Be patient.  The child WILL sleep soon!

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