Five Things You Need To Do With Your Blog

Five Things You Need To Do With Your Blog

Blogging isn’t just for writers and aspiring writers anymore. Businesses should all have blogs, which can do many great things for them. You may think that a business blog is just a way to scam customers into visiting your site, and while keyword-stuffed blogs do just that, you don’t want to follow in their paths.

What a well-written business blog actually does is give your business an outlet to show your expertise, and it is a way to build brand trust and loyalty. You just need to make sure you are doing the right things with your blog.

Update It Often

Many bloggers pride themselves on updating their blogs on a daily basis, with a nice new post for their readers to peruse. While you don’t need to update daily, you still should post something new a minimum of three times a week.

If you don’t have the time to write something that is well researched and worth reading then don’t bother to post something new until you can. Posting subpar work will just take away from the credibility that you are trying to grow with your clients.

Use Keywords

Keywords are one of the main parts of using SEO in your blog. While there is far more to it than just keywords, well-placed keywords and keyword phrases can make the biggest difference in where your blog shows up when people search for the words that will lead them to you.

Share It

Don’t just write your blog posts and expect people to find them, although they might if you are doing a good job with your keyword placement! You also need to put your posts out there, like sharing them on your social media accounts and in your emailed newsletters.

Include Links

Part of your digital marketing scheme also needs to include sharing. This can be a touchy subject, and how you go about sharing could be considered black hat tactics, which could make Google hate you and penalize you.

Learn about how to properly, and don’t be afraid to do some research on digital marketing before you start posting so that you can make sure you are doing your best and posting blogs everyone wants to read.

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Use Photos

If you want your blog to be extra attractive you’ll want to make sure that you are including a photo with each post. It should be a valid photo that goes with what your post is saying, and it could be an infographic that details some of what your post is about. Make sure the photo is high resolution as well.

Blogging is kind of an art in and of itself. You can’t just throw together some random words and expect people to read and share them. Put your time into it and make sure what you post is something you’d take time out of a busy day to read and you can be sure others will read it as well. If you’re really struggling to get traffic on your blog, you can always try contacting a marketing agency such as marketing agencies in Jacksonville who will help you out.

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