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Five Tips For Finding Your Dream Home

Dream Home: Many people spend their lives settling for merely having a roof over their heads, but you don’t have to be one of those people. Save up your pennies, and when you have enough, start looking for that dream home. While not everyone has a dream home, if you do, you know that you want to make it a reality, sooner or later.

Dream Home
Dream Home

Aside from having the money to make it happen, how does one make their dream home become a reality? Well, hopefully, these tips will help.

Write It Down

Start by writing down all of the things that your dream home entails. How many bedrooms does it have and how many bathrooms? Does it have a finished basement that you can use as an entertainment space?

Write down everything you want it to have, even if it’s just a range, like two to four bedrooms. That is going to help you out a bunch when you start searching for that home, or when you find someone to start designing it for you.

Research It

Get online and find your local real estate agent or company, and start searching for the specifications you came up with. They will usually have a form online that you can fill out with how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want, and other amenities, including how much you are looking to pay.

Visualize It

Whether or not you believe in the Law of Attraction or the power of positive thinking, visualizing what you want could help you get it. Whether it’s only allowing you to see the home of your dreams so you’ll recognize it when you walk in. Or better be able to describe what you want to the person drawing up the plans to build it. Or it’s a message to the universe that is going to be answered. Like a prayer one day, when you are online looking, it doesn’t hurt to try.

See It

You are never going to find the house of your dreams if you sit at home and wish, though. When you find places in your online searches that might fit the bill, see them. Attend open houses, go on house tours, get out there. You might even find new things to add to your wish list or things to remove.

Have It Built

If you have the money and the dream, and there isn’t a home in existence that is for sale that fits what you’re looking for, has your idea home built? People do it all the time, and it helps guarantee that you get everything you’re looking for in your future home. You need to find the right company to get you moving in the right direction.

Search Perfect Home

When you’re working on your search for your perfect home, it’s essential to keep in mind some of the tips and strategies you can use. Whether you’re trying to sell or buy, keeping some information handy will help you stay focused. This article is written for people looking to buy, but people looking to sell may find some useful tips that apply to their real estate search.

First, do not do business out of searching. If you’ve ever done a home or business sale, you probably know that it takes time to find the perfect house at the ideal price. A real estate agent can only provide you with a list of homes that are sold already, and these lists are sold over time.


Instead, make an appointment with your agent. For you to even have a chance at getting a home at a discount, your agent will need to be there to negotiate on your behalf. When you have an appointment with your agent, he can put you in touch with another local real estate agent who may have a better chance of finding the perfect home at a discount.

Many people work with real estate agents every day. These people are referred to as real estate brokers. An agent is an extension of the broker. They are the middleman between you and the house you want to buy or sell.

Real Estate Agents

Unfortunately, the real estate agents we see on TV don’t represent the real picture of the industry. They are paid through commission, and while the commission is good for the business, many people don’t realize how much they need it. Many brokers won’t even consider taking a home off the market until they receive at least $100,000 in commission. It’s important to remember this when you go to an open house.

Real estate agents also put up their homes in sales for as long as it takes to sell them. That means that they will often have a house on the market for six months or longer. Even with the right agent, selling a home can take at least six months. This can put you out of reach of a home for several months. If you’re working on a real estate search, you should keep that in mind.


Finally, real estate agents will try to close as much of their properties as possible. While some of them take only one of their homes, most agents will take two or three. This puts a lot of buyers or sellers in an awkward position. They will need to wait until they are in the market to sell their home.

This can also push up the asking price. It is a good idea to find a home that is a few months away from a sale. This way, you can keep your search moving forward.

If you’re searching for a home in the next six months, consider sticking to the five-year realistic time frame. Keep in mind that some of these homes will be going for five thousand dollars, but even these can come in under that in a few months. What is important is that you’re buying something that fits your budget. Doing this, you will ensure that you aren’t wasting your time.


Lastly, keep in mind that real estate agents can put up any house they like, but it isn’t as simple as looking at pictures and determining if the home is worth it. You need to know what to look for when you are researching houses. That can’t be done by seeing the exterior but also by looking inside. You may be able to find a great home, but if you can’t find the inside, it may be too late.

Be sure to remember these tips when you’re working on your real estate search. To make the most of your search, remember to take a little bit of everything into consideration.

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