Five Tips for Getting Better Sleep At Night

Five Tips for Getting Better Sleep At Night

Are you having problems getting to sleep at night, or staying asleep once you get there? That’s no good since a lack of sleep can make it hard to concentrate and it can even make you grouchy. People that don’t get enough sleep and then drive or use dangerous machinery are risking their lives and the lives of others.

Getting Better Sleep
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Insomnia is basically a disease, and if you suffer from it, then it’s time to learn how to get a better night of sleep. You can getter better sleep through natural means, without taking sleeping pills. Here are some things that might help.

Keep A Journal

Keep a journal by your bed where you can write don’t the things on your mind before you go to bed at night. If you are laying there going through your grocery list over and over in your head you are never going to get to sleep. Write it down.

If you find thoughts creeping back in your head, like an item you forgot to put on the list, add it. Don’t mull on it till morning.

Get Rid Of Light

Lights can deter good sleep. Unless you have a fear of the dark and need a nightlight, get rid of the light. Thank includes small flashing lights from your charging tablet or smartphone.

Speaking of those items, don’t use them before bed either. Not only does the light from them work to damage your eyes, it can also make your brain think that it isn’t nighttime and make it more difficult for it to shut off.

Quiet Or White Noise

If you’re a light sleeper, do what you can to make sure your room is a quiet and peaceful place. If you need a noise to sleep with, many people use fans, because it is close to white noise, but it could cause you to start waking up with ringing ears. Try making yourself a bedtime music playlist with songs you can sleep to, and keep the volume low.

Don’t Sleep Together

You may think that sleeping in a separate bed from your spouse or significant other is a recipe for disaster, but studies have shown that it may be the best idea if you’re having issues sleeping together. If her snoring is keeping you up, or his dream aerobics are making it hard for you to sleep, separate rooms may be the perfect answer.

No Pets In Bed

Pets, much like people, can be great sleep interrupters also. Don’t let them sleep in your room. However, if they are busy running around the house making noise all night, that may not work either. If you need to leave your room open to them to have quiet, just make sure they have their own pet bed, and train them how to use it!

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