Five Ways to Make Your Home More Fashionable

Five Ways to Make Your Home More Fashionable

When you think of fashion, you probably think of models walking down a runway in clothes you could never see yourself wearing. However, fashion isn’t just about clothing or wearing things. You can make your home fashionable as well. Of course, if you have kids and pets you need to remember that you can’t have nice things.

Make Your Home More Fashionable
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All kidding aside, if you want a more fashionable home, you can do it with a minimal budget, or with a large one. That’s up to you. But, it is possible.

Do Some Painting

Start by taking a look around at the walls of your home. Do they look dingy, faded? First, grab some of those magic eraser sponges and start cleaning, from top to bottom. Maybe now your walls look shiny and new, and maybe not.

If they don’t, you may want to consider a paint job. Also, look at the big picture. Is your whole room one color? Consider a nice colorful accent wall to brighten things up.

Consider A Remodel

For some homes, a remodel may be the only answer to finding fashion in your house. You could remodel something indoors, like creating a bigger room or putting in a rec room for that big screen TV and pool table.

Maybe the remodel has something to do with the outside of your home. Maybe it’s time to upgrade that tiny shack you call a garage. Who knows, a full remodel may be just what your home needs for a fashion uplift.

Invest In New Furniture

Your furniture may be the thing that is bringing down the look of your home. How old is that stuff? When was the last time you had that couch reupholstered and brought into the current century?

If you have some nice sturdy furniture that looks like it came from your great grandmother’s garage, don’t trash it. Instead, do some DIY work on it to make it look more current. If it’s garbage, and falling apart, replace it.

Add Some Art

If you have bare walls, or all that’s hanging is a family portrait, it’s time to invest in some art. Art can be sculptures and such as well, to use as centerpieces on tables. Consider an art focal piece for each room in your home and you’ll start to feel the glamour in no time.

Get Some Curb Appeal

Don’t just focus on the inside of your home when it comes to having a fashionable house. You want it to look great on the outside as well. That means to have a clean and well-manicured yard.

It also means planting some flowers and pruning some trees, and if you are unsure where to start, a tree pruning guide can show you what to do.

Keep your sidewalks and driveway fixed and crack free, and maybe paint your front door red. It’s a sign of many things in different cultures, but aside from that, it just looks attractive and fashionable.

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