FotoJet Review: Free Graphic designer, collage maker, editing software

Fotojet Review: A Free Graphic designer, collage maker, and photo editing software tool

Fotojet review: A professional looking graphics designs for a project always stands out. As a blogger or graphics designer, if you don’t give importance to your graphics design, then you will find it pretty hard to survive in this huge competition.

Mainly because most of the bloggers, content marketers, and graphics designers often attract people with their eye catching graphics designs, banners, and blog post images. That’s the reason why bloggers and content marketers these days should take care of their graphic designs and images.

But, here comes the problem.

Most of the bloggers and content marketers don’t know how to design a professional graphic design, and they usually hire others to do that work. Or in some cases, they will try themselves and fall aside by seeing their designing.

If you are the person who is struggling with this problem, then don’t worry you can resolve the issue by using fotojet.

I ‘have recently discovered this stunning graphic designer and I am simply amazed by the outputs coming from this great web tool.

FotoJet Review

Now, most of you might be in a state that what is fotojet? Right.

Let me give you a detailed review on this stunning graphics designer tool – Fotojet

What is fotojet?

Fotojet is a free web graphic designers, collage maker, and photo editor. This is a powerful software which quickly allows all the users to transform their images into a stunning graphics.

Fotojet helps you to design your photos easily without any hassle. This stunning tool works brilliantly on your browser. You don’t have to this software anywhere all you have to do is visit the fotojet website and start designing your graphics.

If are keen to install this software on your computer, then you can install it by downloading the software from the fotojet site. This fotojet will work for both windows and Mac operating systems.

The go to the process of this software is quicker and easier than other software. Here all you have to do is visit their site at After that start uploading your photos and start working on your graphic design.

When you are done with the designing part then just save your work in your system through your web browser.

Coming to the main interface of the fotojet you can find 3 main sections.

  • Graphics Designer.

  • Collage Maker.

  • Photo editor.

These are the three most important sections of the fotojet. With these 3 sections, you can just do anything you need to your pictures. In these 3 sections, you’ll have plenty of options to choose text fonts, clipart’s, templates, effects, layouts, and so on.

The best part of this fotojet web application is you can freely unlock all the premium features just by registering to the fotojet. If you want to access standard features, then you don’t have to register an account but if you are keen to use the premium feature for free, then you should.

Now, let’s have a closer look at those three sections of fotojet.

Graphics Designer:

The Graphics designer section is one of the central section in fotojet which is mostly used by bloggers and content marketers. By using graphics designer tool, you can create stunning graphic designs for all your projects.

This graphics designer section is having lots of amazing features which helps you to transform your image into a professional graphics. Everyone can become a professional graphics designer with this graphics designers section.

If you are out of your mind and creativity, then you can access loads of templates readily available in this fotojet tool. With this tool, you can always create stunning designs starting from posters to social media graphics all types of graphics you can create in this tool.

Collage Maker:

Foto jet’s collage maker is another interesting section where you can create photo collages in numerous ways. This section is having more than 800 stunning collage layouts and templates including wedding, birthday, baby, family, love collages, etc.

You can use the drag and drop feature to place your images correctly. Apart from that uploading images is simple in this process you can either upload your images from your computer or from your Facebook profile.

Photo Editor

The photo editor is another section in this fotojet. Editing images in this photo editor is dead easy. You will be amazed by the speed of the photo editor. This fotojets photo editor allows you to do all basic editing such as crop, rotate, sharpen, resizing your pictures and so on.

The photo editor is also having advanced options such as overlays, photo effects, clips arts, colors and more. Along with these features, you can also touch up your photos with text and enhance photo option.

As the features section is divided into sections, you will find it easier to work on editing all images at the same time.

Final thoughts

Fotojet is a fantastic web app you should try to create professional graphics. Most of you might think this tool is similar to canva, but it is different.

You can literally create any kind of graphics with this fotojet tool. It is mostly useful for all bloggers, freelancers, graphics designers and ordinary people as well. With this tool, you can directly share all your designs on social media.

Whether you are a blogger or content marketer or someone who is working on projects, OrMaking a gift card for your loved ones. You shouldn’t miss this amazing tool.

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