Four Tips for Defining Your Relationships

Relationships : Four Tips for Defining Your Relationships

Relationships : There are a many different types of relationships you can get into, from romantic ones to business ones, and even the casual acquaintances. In some types of relationships there are certain rules and in some there are benefits. Sometimes you might not even know where your relationship stands, and sometimes you can have more than one type of relationship with one person, like a romantic relationship with a coworker.


Is It Casual?

If you work with someone but sometimes talk to them outside of work, but you don’t usually make plans to hang out, then you may be more than just coworkers, but also acquaintances. An acquaintance is basically someone you know casually. You will talk to them, but you don’t hang out with them and wonder consider them an actual friend.

If you simply have a casual relationship you may still get something  out of the relationship, maybe they can be used as a job reference or they could potentially be a new friend in the future depending on how often you bump into one another.

Do You Have Romantic Feelings?

No matter what your initial relationship, if you have romantic feelings for a friend, coworker, or even an acquaintance, you could have a relationship that turns into a romantic one. Maybe you just date, maybe you move in together, or maybe you get married.

Even if you don’t marry the person you are in love with and possibly living with, your relationship could be  considered “like marriage” in a court of law (if for some reason you end up in court, such as after a death or a big separation.

Do You Work With Or For Them?

While you can be friends with co-workers, if you keep your relationship at work professional, it isn’t always easy to be friends with your boss, although some people do it. If you work with someone you do have a relationship with them, it’s a professional one.

Your professional relationships should revolve around conversations that are simply about work or business, not of a personal nature. You don’t want to be discussing things of a personal nature with this type of person, as that isn’t what this relationship is about, and the boss will probably frown upon it.

Do You Spend Much Time Together?

If you spend a lot of time with a person and you aren’t in a romantic relationship with them, no matter what sex they are, they are  probably a friend. A true friend is someone that is there for you, even when you don’t ask them to be, and would do anything for you, even be a shoulder to cry on.

True friends are ones you want to hold onto. Toxic friends, those that care more about themselves and are only friends with you because of what they get out of it, are the types of friends you don’t need.

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