Four Tips for Safely Taking Prescription Medications

Taking medicine is never fun, but it is often very necessary. Just like vaccinations, medications have saved lives. Yes, they do sometimes have yucky side effects, but they are often much tolerable than the illnesses that are being fought.Prescription MedicationsIf you have to take medicine, and the older you get the more likely you’ll have more to take, you should take some of these tips to heart. They could save your life.

Check with Your Doctor about Food and Over-The-Counter Interactions

Interactions can happen between different prescription medications, between over the counter meds and prescriptions, and even between foods and your prescription medications. That is why it is important you inform all of your doctors of your complete medication lists, including over the counter pills.

You also need to read the paperwork from your pharmacist, which can tell you about more than just side effects. They will also mention what other meds you should avoid when taking that particular pill and if they are affected by certain foods.

Make Sure You Aren’t Missing Pills or Taking Them More Than Needed

Always take your medications the way they are prescribed, which helps make sure that they do their job. If you are supposed to take one pill three times a day at the same times each day, do that. There is always a reason for specific instructions and if you don’t follow them your pills might not do their job.

You also shouldn’t take more than prescribed. If you have trouble remembering whether or not you took your pills you should start sorting them out ahead of time into pill organizers that can remind you!

Always Take Pills for the Length They’ve Been Prescribed For

If you are taking a medication for a limited run it’s always important to take them through the prescribed time. That is especially important when it comes to antibiotics. If you have a tendency not to take your antibiotics their full run, you may open yourself up to harsher illnesses. In fact, it is believed that it is this kind of behavior that is the cause of antibiotic-resistant diseases.

Never Stop Taking Any Prescription Medications before Talking To Your Doctor

No matter what type of medication you are taking, and no matter what it is for, you should never stop taking meds without speaking to your doctor first. That includes even if you are experiencing side effects. First call your doctor.

They may be able to immediately change you to something different, or they may find it’s an interaction with something else you are taking. No matter what the issue, your doctor needs to be the one to tell you to stop. Some meds can immediately cause you even bigger issues if you stop cold turkey.

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