Francesco Vezzoli: auction on Sotheby’s for the Vanity Fair

The artist Francesco Vezzoli has created exclusively for Vanity Fair a work dedicated to the emergency that hit Italy due to the Covid-19 pandemic: the canvas, a tricolor, a tribute to Lucio Fontana, represents the wound and at the same time the crack left by the pandemic.

The image, on the cover of the Vanity Fair issue of 15 April 2020, combined with the message # The Italiasiamonoi – celebrates the Italian creativity and vigor that have always allowed Italy to make the best of the most difficult situations that the country has historically had to face. From the date of publication, the work has been taken up by international newspapers, televisions, websites and social networks thus becoming a universal symbol of reflection and hope, going beyond Italian borders to reach everyone.

Mine wants to be a tribute to Italy and Lucio Fontana. And I would just like to quote a verse of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Anthem’: “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in” (There is a crack in everything, this is how light manages to enter) comments Francesco Vezzoli.

The artist’s work will be beaten in the Sotheby’s online auction from 4 to 16 June, with an exhibition open to the public On appointment at Palazzo Serbelloni, Milan. The proceeds will be donated to Research Project on Covid19 of the Infectious Diseases Operational Unit of the Polyclinic of Milan whose main objective is to carry out a molecular study, aimed at identification:

– more effective diagnostic tools that can be used in the field;

– of therapeutic targets against which to experiment drugs in the clinic;

– the molecular mechanisms and genetic basis of the disease associated with the infection.

I thank Francesco for the generosity, talent and passion he has put into this project. His work is the most symbolic and moving portrait of a difficult moment that we have the duty to face with hope and vision of tomorrow. We are honored to have hosted it on the cover of Vanity Fair, a newspaper and a network that increasingly want to become a symposium of reflection and planning between art, current affairs, stories and entertainment.“. Simone Marchetti, director of Vanity Fair.

“It is a great privilege for us to be able to offer on the Sotheby’s global platform such an emblematic work of this historic moment for Italy and the world. We thank Francesco Vezzoli for his generosity “ adds Claudia Dwek, president of Sotheby’s Italia

There Lucio Fontana Foundation expresses its appreciation for this initiative.

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