Garden Decoration From Junk by Leeann MacKenzie

In recent years, flea markets, junk, garage and yard sales, basements and attics have all been recognized as treasure chests. These places are home to antiques, memorabilia and odds and ends. For people who have a vision of the resurrection of the swarms found in these places, the Garden Decoration From Junk book is one to read before starting your research. The book will certainly bring a new meaning to container gardening and garden accessories!

A little imagination, along with the unique suggestions of the pages of this book and your backyard will have a character like no other. The key word here is imagination and after reading this book, you will chastise yourself for throwing out perfectly good garden accessories. Everything from tin boxes to car springs and cutlery can be incorporated into the external environment. Your deck, patio and backyard may have unique pieces that cannot be found in local garden and courtyard decoration centers.

View old garden tools as a stand for clematis, scarlet beans or sweet peas. Metal containers such as pots, buckets and tin cans that house your herbs. Books and shoes that have been damaged beyond repair or restoration come alive once again and will become the center of conversation when used as planters.

This book offers an abundance of images that will give you the opportunity to invent a final product that adds personality to your decor both inside and out.

The old adage that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure is confirmed page after page in this intriguing book by Leeann MacKenzie.

by Ann Edall Robson

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