Get a flawless skin without makeup

Get a flawless skin without makeup

Tips to get a flawless skin, makeup is not the only way. There are several other ways to have a beautiful look on your face. Some does not prefer to have makeup as it may cause allergies for them, or they may have a sensitive skin and for several other reasons, many look for other ways to have a beautiful face.

get flawless skin without makeup
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  1. Regular skin care

    1. Wash your face regularly with clean and clear water as a routine work. Wash it every morning, afternoon and in the evening frequently and even after performing workouts. Us a gentle cleanser to wash your face, daily two times compulsorily.
    2. Moisturizing your skin with moisturizers help you keep your skin appear dry, flaky, uneven and tight. It also helps you gain your skin glowing and more youthful.
    3. Exfoliating your skin using exfoliations can help you gain your skin look more youthful and glowing. Exfoliating your skin helps you in getting rid of dry and flaky skin cells. Do not exfoliate, if your skin has issues such as rosacea or an extremely sensitive skin or acne. Doing so, might cause irritation to such skin types.
    4. Using an SPF 30 sunscreen lotion directly on your face will help you in preventing causing skin damages such as wrinkles, discoloration and fine lines. If you are sweating, re apply the SPF 30 sunscreen for every frequent intervals.
    5. Using anti wrinkle cream may not completely eliminate wrinkles from your face, but they might help your skin in masking the appearance of these wrinkles and thereby giving a smooth and younger look for your skin.
    6. Avoid touching your face always and minimize the contact of your hands to your facial skin. Because, whenever you make a contact with your facial skin, a lot of dirt, bacteria and skin oils may spread out on your face skin.
    7. Many people have a temptation of popping their pimples to get rid of them. But this temptation may cost a lot for them in leading to acne outbreaks and raises the risk of having scars on your face skin. So, do not pop the pimples.
  2. Healthy Habits

    1. Sticking to the shades, using an umbrella, applying sunscreen SPF 30, and such other methods to avoid the affect of sun rays on your skin may help you in getting a more Flawless Skin for your face.
    2. Maintaining a proper healthy diet by completely avoiding junk foods provides you a better and healthy body and thereby offers you a flawless skin and a beautiful face.
    3. Anti oxidant rich foods like blueberries, nuts, carrots and dark leafy greens help your skin to be preserved and they also minimize your skin damage.
    4. Keep your mind relaxed and keep stress away as much as possible. Being stress is also one of the major causes for acne breakouts, eye bags and wrinkles on your skin. Practise meditation, yoga, walking and other simple methods to avoid stress and pressure in your daily life.
    5. Regularly exercise to achieve a healthier and perfect body. This helps in improving your blood circulation and resulting in getting a flawless skin on your face.

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