How to Get Clear Skin – the Best And Fast Treatments

How to Get Clear Skin – the Best And Fast Treatments

Even your acnes and pimples disappear; they leave behind stubborn marks and scars. Scars are darker and can make your appearance ugly. Moreover, epidermal regeneration will take time to fade out the marks. Sometimes they look so pronounced on face that you can’t camouflage well even with make-up.

How to get clear skinThere are different kinds of scars like bumpy scars, fleshy scars, pit hole scars and flat scars. Scars are nothing but discoloration of the skin. It happens due to sudden disruption of the blood vessels which eventually forms underlying blood clots. The condition gets exaggerated with pressure. This is the reason why doctors advise you not to prick your acnes and zits.

Get clear skin in no time

Here are some list of treatments go can go for to reduce the scars and get brighter skin

  • Laser resurfacing 

It is the modern and one of the best ways to get rid of marks. There are mainly two types of laser: CO2 and the YAG laser. Doctors will prescribe it according to your skin conditions. The laser treatment regenerates new skin cells much faster than any technology and improves blood circulation.

 It also reduces melanin levels and clears any pigmentation caused by hormonal imbalances. Thus, the damaged skin gets removed from the top dermal layer quickly. This treatment is also accompanied by few other medicines and creams. This will ensure better results and it is also advised not to remain in the sun for long hours.

  • Peeling 

There are three types of peels

Glycolic peels

This treatment is done with the help of glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is an acid mostly derived from sugarcane and works miraculously for skin repair. Depending upon the sensitivity of the skin the acid concentration is increased. In most of the cases 50 percent glycolic acids are used. Eventually a higher dosage of 70 percent can be used for faster results.

Concentrated glycolic acid peels the top layer of the skin and at the same time it reduces the underlying dark spots. The scars and marks disappear within 2 weeks. Additionally, it also improves the texture of the skin and makes it glow from within. With proper skin care your skin will remain soft and smooth.

Retino peels

Retino is a derivative of Vitamin A and is used to clear pimples and their marks along with it. At times acnes are painful and get infected. These are called cystic acnes and pus is formed. Retino acid peel is used to cure them from the root.

Retino peels clear the excess sebum formation and closes the open pore. It also lowers oil secretion from oil glands. Since it is more aggressive in action, dermatologist supervision is always mandatory.

Kojic acid peels

This is a relative milder peel and can substantially reduce dark spots and formation of new scars from acne. However, the treatment is little time consuming and requires 6-8 weeks for best results. Most of the doctors also recommend using kojic cream along with the treatment.

  • Dermabrasion

It mechanically peels away the top layer of the skin. This technology uses light and diamond particles, which infuses into the skin layer. These crystals will remove the upper and lower dead skin layer. It is ideal for treating whiteheads and blackheads Levels of friction are also controlled depending upon the scars. It is not recommended for sensitive skin.

  • Punch technique

It is used for pitted acne scars. It is like a skin transplant. The scars are punched by a machine and then removed. Then a grafted skin is taken from the ear or thigh and medically placed. This kind of skin resurfacing is costly but it’s worth every penny. The results will last longer than any other kind of treatment.

  • Corticosteroid injections

Severe pimples can lead to cystic acne breakouts. Cysts damage the surfaces of the skin. It can also cause lesions that scar the top layer of the skin. It also damages the skin tissues. To get rid of such stubborn acnes and scars dermatologist injects corticosteroid into the cyst.

This reduces the inflammation and kills the bacteria. Since it is a steroid it also elevates skin cells multiplication and reduces the chances of deep scars and marks. Through this process overall skin improvement has been clinically observed.

  • Photo therapy

This treatment is carried out by the usage of blue and infra red laser lights. This can be carried out for moderate marks. This also reduces minute skin inflammations and makes the skin smooth and clear.


Needless to say, you must always take timely action. As soon as you get acnes always consult a dermatologist before your condition worsens.

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