Gifts for Christmas and New Year by Tips Clear

Gifts for Christmas and New Year by Tips Clear

Christmas and New Year are the two most popular seasonal holidays in the world. It is celebrated across all nations and it has penetrated almost every culture.  People buy each other gifts to celebrate these occasions. Therefore, buying gifts is of major importance and during the Christmas and New Year season. But what gifts can you buy? Let’s start with the event that comes first.

Christmas Gifts

Bright from being the secret Santa to your kids to the wild Santa for your friends – Christmas has it all. But you have to pick out the ideal gifts for everyone. Thankfully today you have the means to do it properly. There are these myriad kinds of gifts you can give your loved ones –

Gifts for Christmas and New Year

Gifts for the Teens & Tweens:

The millennials like their toys. Anything like the Portable Wireless Bluetooth speaker, where they can play their music while partying can be good. Emoji sleeping pillow for the teenager that always texts you (and cannot get rid of the emoji usage).Also, they will be forever grateful to you if you gift them a power bank to get rid of their running out of battery excuses.

Of course, that is if they don’t already have one. Another great gift for teens is computers, in this day and age they have the ability to do anything on a computer and it would be a good investment as it’s something which they can take away with them and enjoy the use anywhere. Gaming is a big thing and the trends are only getting stronger, we’d recommend if you’re willing to spend on a gaming computer we would recommend the Razer blade 15-inch gaming laptop.

For friends and family:

The one thing that is consistent with the friends and family is that they receive cool gifts. Usually, the gift basket does the trick for them – unless you know what they want for Christmas then you can give them that. The best gift basket can be chocolate filled or wine infused with dry fruits. If your family member is very health conscious or if you are trying to push them to be, then you can give them the Green Tea basket. If a member of your family happens to be a teacher you could buy a Gradecam Teacher App. Many teachers know and love this app so buying an upgraded package would be a great gift!

For men:

Gifting things to men is always the toughest – there are so few things that suit their requirements. But if you gift them a FitBit they might actually love it. Like the teens, men too love their gadgets and they would be more than happy if you get them a groomer kit.

A stylish watch never goes out of fashion. If your guy is a bit of a gamer then why not buy him something like these smurf accounts. You never know, you might have just found the perfect gift for him. If your guy is a bit of a workaholic, give him an iPad TV stand where he can keep his iPad. Christmas inspired cologne will work for the occasion too. Something like cool Fastrack sunglasses works for the trendsetter. If you have with you a tobacco lover, gift them a box of cigars that they’ll cherish.

For Women:

If you have a lovely lady in your life, you can gift her something different this Christmas. For example, there are sample gift bags available – these gift bags containing samples of products from different brands. These can be makeup products or anything else.

Overall, these will help her get some new makeup products and she’ll love them perhaps.You can also gift her Coco Chanel perfumes. Then there is an option to give her a special candle – scented candles that smell of citrus fruits can be highly appreciated by the woman that loves to keep things fresh and orderly.

Gifts for Christmas and New Year

New Year Gifts

Like Christmas, New Year is also a special occasion. However, it is a tad bit different from Christmas. New Year is when people start things fresh. It is the best time to put a loved one on a new healthy regime or to gift them something that will contribute to their health.

It is the best time to gift them something that will freshen up their life. This is why we have assorted these few “ideal” gifts for the ones you love –

Online Floral Bouquet:

Floral gifts are pretty common and they can be sent to anyone – from a wife to the employees. A floral gift set to your employee on the first day of the year wouldn’t’ be a bad surprise.If you wish to start a relationship with someone from a fresh note, then send them flowers on the New Year.


A memento is a private gift. They can serve as the perfect reminder that you are working closely with the one you love. Anything from wall hangings, handicrafts to crystal or metal elements can become a good gift. These little objects become good gifts, especially for the New Year.

Auspicious gifts:

A New Year is the best time to gift someone an auspicious gift. This is one they will cherish. So gift them the laughing Buddha. If you have a kid who is studying, gift him the Laughing Buddha of Wisdom. If you have an office colleague you are close to, give them a money plant. You can also give people figurines of Gods and Goddesses. These will help them start the New Year on a very positive note.

Personalized Gifts:

Personalized gifts serve as good memories. Right on the New Year’s Eve, when the year is about to end, you show your wife a stone where a precious memory of is carved. Imagine how wonderful that would be! This is exactly what is going to be the theme of personalized gifts. You can gift them a mug which has their name and Good luck wishes on them. There are T-shirts that will make them feel special. You can write your own message on the T-shirts or use these words “[name] is the dude”. They would love it.


You can personalize calendar and make each month a special memory of the two of you. If you want to make them feel special, just add their own picture to each month – or a family photo if you want. These are nice gifts that you can give to your loved ones. Calendars, on the other hand, can be gifted to your employees as well. You can personalize it if you want, but usually, companies sign their trademark on the calendars. Apart from this, you can gift your employees’ notepads, diary planner, etc.

  1. Gift hampers
    Gifts for Christmas and New Year
    Give them a gift hamper – filled with wine, dry fruits, etc. If your loved one loves chocolates, there can be nothing better than an assortment of dark chocolates for them this New Year.

When all else fails, the gift card will come to your rescue. They will be able to spend the gift card in any way that they want to.

When New Year is just around the corner, make sure you buy the gifts in time to save some bucks.

Top Gifts

Here’s a list of the top gifts people buy on these occasions –

Serial No. New Year’s Gifts Christmas Gifts
1 Personalized T-shirts Portable Speaker
2 Laughing Buddha Chocolate hamper
3 Flowers FitBit
4 Calendar Citrus Perfumes

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