Golden tips for exercise.

tips for exercise
tips for exercise

There are many people who complain that they don’t have time for exercise. Besides, knowing the importance of exercise can’t be ignored. Still people are not taking it seriously. Now days, the best available option to the youth brigade is of joining a Gym. If all the people along with the youth realize the necessity of workouts, no wonder, they will definitely squeeze out some time from their busy schedule.

The creator has gifted us with a precious gift in the form of our body and the more we make it move, the more, it will help us remain fit and active. People are impressed by zero figure or 6 packs but they don’t know the hard workout which the achievers has gone through, behind achieving it. It’s not possible for the stars to gain that figure without hard workouts.

It is not necessary that you run after that zero or 6 pack figure, but, you can exercise a little and keep yourself fit and healthy. As we all posses an individuality, so is the case with our exercise regime because it very much depends on our age, profession, lifestyle and health. The exercise which suits your neighbor or friends may not necessarily suit you as well.

All those activities which are boring, stressful and creating tensions can not be classified into an exercise. Whereas, jogging, swimming, dancing and playing any game is a very good example of doing exercise.

Elements of workouts Before starting exercise we should know and make sure that our workouts gives us the best of health. To begin with, keep these elements in mind otherwise it’s quite possible that you may not gain as much as you could.

  • Set a foundation of your exercise. It’s a vital part of any workouts. Before starting any exercise start with warm-ups. The body parts which are used in exercise should be prepared before exercise.
  • Stretching is another important element. It should be more than normal work stretching. The body should feel the stretch and one should increase the number or speed slowly and gradually.
  • Don’t let weakness overcome your body. When we start exercise we need more rest and nutritious food along with proper rest and sleep. Lack of these things will make us weak and sooner or later we will lose interest and give up the idea of becoming fit.
  • Multiplicity. Your exercise should be a combination of stretching, walking, yoga and any one game of your interest. Plan your exercise regime by combining all these workouts. You can select a day for performing 2 activities on one day and others on the next day. Keep changing them occasionally, otherwise your body will get use to the particular exercise and will not benefit you any more.
  • Continuity. Whichever exercise you start make sure you do it on regular basis. In case you leave it in between or you are not doing your exercise regularly than your body parts will forget the workouts and will negatively affect the organs of the body. Continuity is a must to gain health and fitness.

Other valuable tips for exercise are that always exercise under the guidance of an expert. It should give pleasure and certainly not fill us with tension. Fix a suitable time for your exercise and make sure that you do them daily at that fixed time, that being said there are certain exercises you can do at home without any supervision or large gym equipment, all you would need are some exercise sliders and resistance bands, you don’t even need a lot of room to do it, just enough to straighten your arms and legs behind and infront of you is more than adequate. Your instructor at the gym can show you how to use the sliders and bands correctly and then you’re golden.

 It would be better if you have light snacks before workout. Eating a fruit, salad or a dry fruit is a good option. Don’t start exercising after eating your meal. Keep 3-4 hours gap after meal to start with your workouts. Wear comfortable clothes and keep a hand towel or hanky beside you while doing your exercise. Last but not the least, these workouts are painful in the beginning but they will benefit you afterwards.

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