Are You a Gym Freak? Here’s Why You Need a Physiotherapist

Are You a Gym Freak? Here’s Why You Need a Physiotherapist

Are You a Gym Freak? Fitness has become a popular lifestyle choice for a while now. More people have started opting for regular exercise and sports to stay healthy. It is a well-known fact that exercise is one of the best ways to keep ourselves fit and control. Factors associated with ageing and perils of a modern lifestyle. A vigorous and healthy body can reduce the need for medication. Over time and can help people to stay fit for longer times. It can control blood pressure, body weight, boost the levels of HDL cholesterol, prevent Type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Gym culture

The gym culture is on the rise, and more people are opting for gym memberships to stay in shape and keep themselves fit. However, it is imperative for them to heal themselves by eating nutritious food. Since people who work out at the gym and lift heavy weights, their tissues are often injured along with the muscles. Overweight people can also experience lower back pain along with other issues. Most people do not realize how much exercise is enough for them. A physiotherapist is expert in the prescription of exercises and goes beyond healing an injury of tissue or muscles.

Gym Freak

Consult a physiotherapist

If you are getting into the gym culture, you must consider consulting with a physiotherapist. As a part of your physiotherapy training, a physiotherapist is educated to provide you with appropriate exercise physiology. Alternatively, if you work out and you are suffering from acute pain, it is important to consult a physiotherapist to check if your tissues are not damaged. Physiotherapy works towards strengthening the body and healing damaged tissues.

People who have suffered a heart attack, or had a major surgery and are looking to get fit after a traumatic episode, make sure you consult a physiotherapist before signing a gym membership. However, one must keep in mind that the physiotherapist is in their vicinity. For instance, if you reside in the Western part of Delhi, look for a physiotherapist in Dwarka for easier access. Aakash Healthcare, one of the renowned super speciality hospital has a dedicated center of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. People can avail various facilities like Pain Management for specific ailments, Rehabilitation care and integrated manual therapy including electrotherapy.

Here are reasons why you need physiotherapy

Strong Core

Exercise helps in rebuilding the core muscles of the back which support the backbone and our overall posture. One of the primary reasons for both lower and middle back pain is the weakening of core back muscles. Furthermore, people who are overweight and have weak abdominal muscles suffer from back problems. It can lead to slipping disk and other chronic problems. In fact, there is a direct correlation amidst an active set of abdominal muscles and a lower level of back pain.

Pain Management

Active sportsperson, gym goers and people who take part in regular physical activities are at a higher risk of injuring themselves. In such a case where a person is injured, it is imperative to visit a physiotherapist to get treated. Individuals who are active cyclists and runners often suffer from joint pains and choose to ignore it, which can be fatal for ligaments and tissues in the long run.

Prevention and Management of Injuries

A physiotherapist is equipped with research and education relating to all physical injuries impacting a person’s ability to move and accomplish functional activities in their daily lives. Consulting a physiotherapist will provide you with adequate information before starting a fitness regimen, especially if you have suffered a heart attack or a physical injury. Consider it as a post-surgical rehab where you are advised exercises based on your current fitness levels. It is necessary to follow the advice of a certified medical practitioner, rather than signing up for a gym membership without thought.

Posture Correction

It is often seen that people who work out at a gym often lose their flexibility and permanently damage their posture. Most people overdo exercise because of peer and social pressure which have an overall negative impact on their health. With physiotherapy, a person can be benefitted in several ways including posture correction. Bad posture is one of the primary reasons for acute back pain, and physiotherapy effectively aids in improving posture.

Physiotherapy is one of the most underrated branches of medicine. It effectively works towards improving the motion of the body and helps in rejuvenating muscles and tissues after injury. It is used in numerous ways and has active use cases in fields like sports, neurology, orthopaedics, geriatrics, women’s health, and paediatrics. With skilled professionals, any bodily injury affecting movement can be aided. However, as mentioned before, make sure your physiotherapist is located near home to have easier access.

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