Hair Care Tips : Give long lasting luminous to hair!

Hair Care Tips: Give long-lasting luminous to hair!

Everybody wants to have healthy and beautiful hair and no wonder, they try their best to gain that bounce in the hair, but, still, there are people who are unable to look after their hair. Hair plays an important role in maintaining the beauty of the person. Dew too many reasons we suffer the common hair problems like dandruff, premature gray hair or loss of hair. It is mandatory to look after the hair as we look after our body.

Hair care tips

This calls for a regular care. Don’t forget to get them trimmed regularly. If they are of short length, then get them trimmed after 3-4 weeks and in case of long hair trim them within the time period of 7-8 weeks. This will be beneficial in getting rid of those ugly split ends.

Vitamin E enriched oil

Make it a point to give them deep nourishment once in a week. To meet the purpose one can choose the option of deep conditioning packs or a massage. The vitamin E enriched oil is good for hair. It will not only keep the hair soft, but will also improve the blood flow to the scalp. After oil massage, wrap hair with the towel soaked and rinsed in hot water. After a few minutes, again repeat the hot towel treatment. This will benefit the scalp to absorb the nutrients of the oil.

Natural Homemade hair care

Hair pack also helps intake of vitamins and proteins. There are many hair packs available in the market. If one wants to try a homemade pack, then mix henna with egg and lemon juice. Mix it well and apply it on hair. This will help in nourishing the scalp and also meet the purpose of conditioning. This will not only help cure hair loss problem but will also help in their growth as well.

Take extra care of hair at night

Our skin breathes at night, that’s why take extra care of hair at night. Tie them at night and put cotton, rubber band, other bands will unnecessarily result in its reduction. If you are a restless sleeper, then use the satin cover on the pillow this will assist in reducing hair fall.

Healthy eating habits play a major role in maintaining the full volume of the hair. Eatables which are harmful for the body are harmful for hair as well. Besides, eating healthy food, one should add regular exercise to his/her daily routine. Avoid drinking and smoking as they are harmful for hair.

Never comb wet hair

Cover your hair with a scarf, while going out in the sun. Harmful rays of the sun can damage your hair. On the streets, pollution and dust are the worst hair enemies. Try to protect them from these pollutants. Never comb wet hair. This makes the roots weak and the problem of hair fall arises.

Always use shampoo and conditioner of a good company and also select them according to your hair type. Enrich your food with vitamin B, C, and E. They will take good care of your hair. Calcium and milk is also good for them. Anybody who has oily hair should not eat more oily food. Drink enough glasses of water to gain that luminous shine on your hair.

Don’t use Hair Dryer

Don’t use more of the hair dryer as it will weaken your hair roots. Let them dry naturally. Use fewer chemicals on them. Last but not the least, removes stress from your life. Stress is amongst the many reasons which are responsible for hair loss. Take the help of yoga and breathing exercise to keep stress at bay. Keeping these points in mind will help you maintain the health and the volume of your hair.

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