Harry and Meghan: Here is their $ 18 million home

Harry and Meghan: Here is their $ 18 million home

That Harry and Meghan they had not decided, with their divorce from the royal family, to devote themselves to a neopauperist life made of bread and spring water was immediately clear.

The Vancouver villa where the couple took refuge during their Canadian stay had all the characteristics of a palace, only with that more modern and slightly exasperated touch of American architecture (compared to the imposing but ancient British structures full of history and of large halls).

Now that their life has moved to Los Angeles the needs of the Dukes couple does not seem to have reduced their needs for luxury. According to what the British tabloids reveal, Harry and Meghan have moved to the villa of the actor Tyler Perry thanks to the mediation of their friend Oprah Winfrey.

The mansion, located on the hills of Beverly Hills, would have eight bedrooms, twelve bathrooms, 22 acres of land and garden and a style that recalls the Medici villas and whose value, always according to the tabloids (very careful to put the emphasis on the exaggerated standard of living of the Dukes as opposed to the composure and rigor of the Dukes of Cambridge), would be around 18 million dollars. It is currently unclear whether Harry, Meghan and little Archie are guests or renters. But we are sure that the newspapers will not fail to let us know.

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