Health in good condition and eating healthy food

Health in excellent condition and eating healthy food

Eating healthy food: Maintaining your Health in excellent condition and eating healthy food are not only strict diet limitations. You do not have to deprive yourself by avoiding your favorite food items to follow diet procedure. Rather than, it’s about feeling relaxed, having more energy level, and stabilizing the mood of yours. Every diet experts will suggest a different opinion and their diet method are also varies. We peoples often confuse ourselves by thinking what to do and which food to avoid shedding weight. So stop consulting dieticians and make yourself fit by eating foods which are rich in nutrition.

Eating healthy food
Eating healthy food

Instead of thinking and counting calories or measuring the size of vitamins and protein. Think of the colors that you like to add in your daily food items. Keep the focus on the foods items which you regularly have in your food. Use the internet to find easy recipes which are incorporated with fresh vegetables and nutrition. Gradually your diet food will become more delicious and colorful.

It does not matter what you eat it’s about how you eat

Eating is not about the recipes you have in your food list; it’s about how you eat those. First, we have to pay regular attention to choose what you eat. Rather than gulping the items in meeting table, discussion and playing, give few minutes to chew the food take time to eat food slowly. Swallowing the food without noticing it leads to overeating. So regularly allocate time for eating and give few minutes to chew the food.

Add Colors in your food items

It means to have some healthy variety of fruits and vegetables in your daily food. It is a good foundation for the healthy life. And mostly fruits and vegetables carry a high level of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. A different color gives different benefits. So aim for minimum five colors of fruits a day to stay healthy.

Avoid Pills for vitamins; Add Vitamins in Food

A daily nutritional supplement is not going to have the same impact of eating right. That is because of the benefits of fruits and vegetables that never come from a single vitamin or an isolated antioxidant. The health benefits of the and vegetables come from numerous photochemical, minerals and vitamins which work together. They never are broken down into the sum of their parts or replicated in pill form.

Avoid Pills
Avoid Pills

Listen to your body

Listening to our body is the most important thing in our daily diet. Avoid eating without Hungry. Keep asking your body before eating whether you are hungry or thirsty. Drink the glass of water to make sure you are hungry or thirsty. If you eat until stomach gets full, then sometimes it will turn into poison.

Keep Limits in Sugar and Salt

Sugar contains more negative effects on sodium even it is more harmful. When you add sugar your body release more hormone insulin, to removes the sugar from your bloodstream. Another lesser function of insulin is it makes your kidneys to retain sodium.

Salt, The primary concern of excess sodium leads to elevating the blood pressure (hypertension) is known as the “silent killer. The best way to reduce salt is to limit your intake of high-sodium processed and pre-packaged foods. Estimated salt intake is based on the amount excreted in the urine.

Adding Fats and Fiber
Adding Fats and Fiber

Adding Fats and Fiber

Your body doesn’t accept sudden high fiber items which you take in the diet plan. You need to give time to the natural bacteria in the digestive system to adapt to changes present in food because of added fiber food.

Diet fat recommendations state that the fat should contribute 20 to 35 % of energy daily. You can also enjoy the food items with fats, but you should concern about the things you select. Choose Monounsaturated fats (olive oil, canola oil, nuts) and polyunsaturated fats (corn, unheated sunflower, soybean, and walnuts).

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