Home and Garden Book Review – Make Gardening Fast and Effortless

Many people want a beautiful garden, but it can take a long time to have such a perfection. And if I told you that you could have an almost perfect garden without the high costs, the intense effort or without spending all your time creating it and keeping it that way; if I showed you the secret would you like it?

So what if I told you that I learned most of my “Secrets” gardening tricks from a book? Would you believe it? What if I told you the name of the book, so you too could be one with a beautiful garden 20% of the time or less? Would you buy it? I did it and the book is called simply;

Home and Garden Book Review
Home and Garden Book Review

“Instant Gardens – Practical projects for the impatient gardener” by Peter McHoy; Lorenz Books, Anness Publishing, London; 1999. ISBN: 1-85967-959-5.

The best part of this book is that it is fully illustrated with detailed instructions. Everything you need for each project is listed, as well as replacements if you can’t get supplies, you want to save some extra money or change the project as you go. The book goes into drawings, use of space and rendering, before starting you will need a plan; the plan is to have a beautiful garden and a low-cost garden, easy to build and maintain.

Build lattices, ponds, brick walkways, retaining walls, water features, fences and grass that look like a green golf course. Understand the ecosystem you are building, the birds and creatures you will attract and how to make the whole Garden of Eden look like it.

Now, since it’s a book review, I have to give you the pros and cons. The pros I listed above and the cons, well, I can only think of one. I should have bought this book long before I invested $ 10 million in my garden. Please consider this.

by Lance Winslow

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