Home decor ideas very simple and perfect

Home decor ideas straightforward and perfect

Home decor ideas: There is a lot of fun and thrill involved in decorating the home. There are endless ways by which you can decorate your home and win praise from your friend and relatives. You may be thinking of providing changeover to your living or bedroom, or just you want to add some change in your life.

Home Decor IdeasHere are a few ideas that will help you get the living area where you love to spend your day-

Attractive collections in dining table– Dining table is the center of attraction of the room make it more attractive by putting eye-catching flower pots and nicely carved fruit baskets or trays.

Interior curtain– The curtain says more than the walls. Change your curtains according to the season and see the magic of it.

Make bedding more prominent– Bed occupies the maximum space of the room, focus on it and make it stand out. Choose mix and match pattern for it. Batik prints and bold colors, add a warm feeling to your room.

An Antique piece in a bathroom– It will give your bathroom a modern look. Just a simple addition to the bathroom says a lot. Decorating bathroom with small plants is another good idea to make it more lively and refreshing place.

Paint a part of your furniture white

White is a soothing color and adds royalty when used in different places. To decorate your home, paint a portion of inexpensive furniture with white color. It will give a new look to the furniture and room.

Use plates– Cover a wall with plates. This is a cheap method of transforming your house. When these plates are fixed on the wall, it gives an effect of a piece of art.

Wallpaper– Show your creativity at the walls of the room. Plain wall does not look good and attracts unhappiness. To get the house of your dream, use a different wallpaper for different places and get the coziness with ease.

Use carpets– Carpets are another center of attraction of the room. It can transform a dull room into a decorated place. It is the easiest way of home decoration. Buy a carpet that suits your taste and places it in the center of the room.

Seating arrangements should be away from the walls– Once you pull forward your furniture from the walls, it will give you a more intimate seating. You enjoy the closeness to the people sitting around.

Use of old curtains– You can use old curtains to cover your furniture. This way you change your old furniture and looks. If your curtains or bed sheet has a beautiful or attractive pattern, you can get it framed and use it to décor your living or bedroom wall.

Bonsai plants– Plants provide a treat to an eye. Try placing small pots at different corners of the room to add natural atmosphere. These are unique plants that need less sunlight and survive in the shade. Keep changing the place to add new looks to your house.

No more boring furniture displays

No more boring furniture displays. Use your creativity and see the wonder of mix and match. Curtains, wallpapers, and placements of different accessories, these three things can provide your home a perfect place to live. Enjoy experimenting friends!!

Home Decor Ideas

Another way of getting a makeover of your home is through “Do it yourself “technique. So next time when you are about to throw your chunk, use them for the following purpose-

Excess paint– Put your thinking cap on and uses this leftover makeup to cover your pots. A new makeover on cups will add on to the glam of the house.

Fabric– With fabric scraps cut out different patterns of triangle or squares. Use these shapes to beautify the curtains or bed sheets. Another way is to sew small cushions for your sofa set or bed. This left over will help you catch more rollover eyeballs.

Corks and caps– Use this scrap to make an impressive stand for your pots. Join small pieces together to make coasters or a mat. Put this rug on your landline phone or the table.

Markers– If you leave tags unattended then you will lose them. Make the best use of them by drawing different pictures on a plain pillow or cushion cover. This DIY home decor will entirely change over a simple pillow into an attractive piece of art.


Make a rug from leftover felt. Cut small designs and join them to make a little rug for your bathroom or use it as a doormat.

Picture frame– if you have an old picture frame and you don’t want to throw it away, and then use it for fixing small notes or messages. Hang it on the kitchen wall and set your reminders or other words on it.

Ribbon-If you are left with oddments of ribbons then glue this fabric to the outer surface of a lampshade. Your plain lampshade will soon stand out with this easy fixture.

Gift wrapping sheets– Wrap these leaves and fix them with a string. Use them to decorate your fireplace.

Doilies– Decorate your bowl with a doily. A clear container will stand out with this simple addition to it.

Vintage ornaments– If you have some embellishments and you don’t like to wear them, then this is an excellent tip for you. Use these ornaments to decorate locks and door handles. Use this jewelry at different places to decorate your home.

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