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Does interior decoration and color design represent a precise mood in your home? Are you sure that your home is the ideal place to live? Are interior design trends followed to design your home? Themes and trends are very important factors in today’s interior design. Themes like countryside, modern interiors, Victorian design, contemporary design, elaborate design and simple design are applicable when designing your home.

While designing a house the other factors to keep in mind are that if the kitchen looks fresh and full of res, the living room is comfortable and welcoming, it is the bedroom relaxing and loving, it is the furniture and design of the room combined among them are the appliances designed to combine with other accessories in the living room. You can create the right atmosphere and the right atmosphere in every area of ​​your home by making use of unique colors, elegant and captivating lighting, perfect furnishing style and environmental accent.

A chaotic and hectic lifestyle requires the need for an organized and comforting environment at the end of a tiring day. The house is rapidly becoming more of a personal refuge than as the center of an interior designer. A modern interior design trend states that modern and creative home furnishings are all about creating a relaxing environment with attention to ease and functionality.

Once the formal theme of interior design comes to mind, we unwittingly move on to epic mansions or quality hotels. Formal decoration is also a space that is habitable and happy. Some additional guiding principles to pursue consist of tall windows, spaces for fire and large mirrors which are distinctly used in this type of decoration. To create an appropriate environment, keep in mind both appearance and balance. The furniture would be given in a straight line inside the room and in most situations furniture and accessories would be put in pairs. The fabric is normally used on the ramparts. The exterior of furniture, floors, mirrors and lighting fixtures would be refined in a dazzling splendor with a high level of buff. The material used for blankets, pillows, sofas and window treatments is extremely luxurious and rich.

Casual decor or casual decor is incredibly tempting and simple to support, so it’s extremely useful for working family members. The informal style of the interior design theme has commonly structured motifs and the material used to design is always spongy. The right proportion is not there at all and as a substitute there are soft curves and rectangular outlines. The furniture is in transversal positions. The floors are normally made of wood. The lightning equipment and accessories are of extremely unexpected brands and styles such as the mixture of steel, iron, glass.

The theme of contemporary interior design is the simplest of all the other decorations and conveys simplicity. It is normally classified by dispassionate and basic colors. The colors are bolder and brighter. Neutral, black and white defines the colors of this time with style. Tints of bright colors such as red, orange, green, white, gold and cream are ideally followed in contemporary interiors. The contemporary interiors are comfortable, warm and welcoming without being dark and opaque. It defines clean, subtle lines, simplicity, refinement and textures. Contemporary interiors show more space than things, focusing on colors, space and form. Contemporary furniture defines smooth, clean and geometric shapes. The furnishings used are more than natural fabrics. The floor is generally smooth in wood, tiles or vinyl. The rugs and rugs used in contemporary interiors are warm and commercial.

The interior design theme of the rustic home offers importance to a home while creating exclusive textures. Rustic decorations with refinement, charisma and style. The hearth with polished wood and conservative finishes are the characteristic attributes of this furniture. The cushions and sheets are essential and are tarnish, copper or reddish-purple in color.


by Supriya Abhay Deshpande

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