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There is nothing better than the natural elements for your health and skin. It is much easier to visit a shop and pick hundreds of skin products to nourish your skin on daily basis. But have you thought how much time and money you are spending on these products. Rather you can apply homemade packs and natural elements to get a glowing skin. It is inevitable that you will have to go out in the sun; you have to fight against dirt and pollution as well. But you have to take care of your skin once you are back at home you need to give few moments to your skin, diet and daily health plans to get a flawless skin.

glowing skinApply homemade face packs

If you are choosing home remedies glowing skin is not so far from your reach. There are a lot of easily available homemade products with which you can make a face pack and apply it to your skin. Some of them are

  • multani mitti: Multani mitti is said to be the best for skin. It is cold, hydrated and gives enough moisture to your skin. Mix some lemon juice or coconut water with it and make a frothy paste. Apply evenly to your skin and leave till it dry. Remove the pack smoothly with cold water or rose water. It definitely makes your skin glow.
  • Almond: take 3-4 almonds, paste them, add rose water or lemon juice with it and make a paste. Apply the paste on your face evenly leaving the eye and lips area. Leave it till dry and remove it smoothly. Almonds are good for health and skin as well. The oil in almond makes your skin smooth and clear.
  • Turmeric: turmeric is the best natural antiseptic for health as well as skin. Mix lemon juice with it to make a paste and apply on face properly. It helps you to ward off dead skin cells and you’ll get a glowing skin.
  • Banana: yet another home remedies for glowing skin. Mash a banana; add egg white with a spoon of curd. Make a frothy paste and apply it evenly on face leaving the eyes and lips area. After 20 minutes, remove it by plain water or rose water.
  • Honey: mix honey and lemon juice and apply the paste on face to remove tan and get rid of acne and pimples.

Have nutritious food

Food is very essential while pampering your skin. Doctors say your digestive system reflects the nature of your skin. If your system is clear and working fine your skin will look brighter and clean.

  • Water and liquid: to get a good system have plenty of liquids such as juices and plain cold water. If your system gets hydrated you will get clear and glowing skin.
  • Red and yellow veggies and fruits: have more veggies and fruits that have red and yellow colours like bell peppers, pumpkin, papaya, red grapes, tomatoes, watermelon, carrots and many others.
  • Rich fibre: add rich fibre like white meat, brown rice, broccoli, Rajma and so in your regular diet. You can have few nuts as well on regular basis.
  • Exercise daily: yes, along with having nutritious food, it is necessary to work out daily to get a glowing skin. You don’t need a high profile gym to do so. You can do yoga or free hand or simple walking or running can work well.

Pamper your skin

Three things are must to take care of your skin. One is cleaning, second is toning and third is moisturizing. Make sure to clean your face properly, use toner and then apply a moisturizer cream before going to bed every night.

Home remedies for glowing skin

Natural nutrients Mix with
Turmeric Lemon juice
Multani Mitti Water, coconut water, rose water
Honey Lemon juice
Banana Egg white and curd
Almond Water

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