Hong Kong Business Culture – How to Succeed

How to Succeed When Exploring a New Country

Hong Kong Business Culture : Doing business in a new country can be tricky, especially if that country has a totally different culture from your home. This is especially true when you come from the western world and enter the business world of Hong Kong. Although Hong Kong has been a centre of international business for centuries, it has retained many of the customs of the East.

Hong Kong Business Culture

One of the best ways to succeed in a new way of doing business is to learn as much as possible about the local customs.  Although there are many more nuances to Hong Kong business culture than those listed below. These topics are some of the key points of learning how to do business in Hong Kong.

The Culture of Business Cards

In Hong Kong business cards hold much more much more meaning than they do in the West. A business card is viewed as a physical representation of your business so the card itself is treated with great respect.

There is a ritual and custom for how the business card is printed and how it is handled and presented.  In Hong Kong, one side of the business card should be in Chinese characters.  These characters must be the traditional Chinese characters used in Hong Kong, not the simplified characters common to mainland China.  Ideally, these classic Chinese characters should be printed in gold to create auspicious opportunities for your company.

When you present or accept a business card, the card should be held by both hands.  Also, it’s impolite to simply accept a card and put it away. Instead, look intently at the card for more than a minute before you carefully place it in a card case you carry just for business cards.

Also, make sure you have a lot of business cards.  You’ll need a large quantity because business cards are exchanged in all sorts of situations. Including purely social gatherings like parties.

How to Say No With Grace

In Hong Kong business negotiations, you don’t ever hear someone replying with a blunt “no.” Instead, the negative reply will be softened and less confrontational.  For instance, if you ask someone if they can make a certain deadline and the answer is “no”, a reply of “I’ll see what can do” or “I’ll see if it can be done” might be what you hear instead of an actual verbal response of “no”.

Respect and Courtesy

Respect and courtesy are two values that are esteemed and cultivated in the Hong Kong business world. For these business people, it’s important that each person is treated with respect.  This means that voices are never raised in business discussions.  To do so would cause the person who becomes angry to “lose face”.

Image is Everything

In a world in which “losing face” is a well-known expression, it makes sense that image and perception would play a big role.  This is especially true in business.  In the Hong Kong business world, where you do business reflects on how your company is perceived.  If your company is based in a prestigious building with successful tenants, then your company is perceived as being as prestigious and as successful as your office environment.

That’s why using a virtual office is such a smart move for a company that does business in Hong Kong.  A virtual office can give your company the professional presence it deserves.

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