Hot microwave deal: Get $50 off a Sharp stainless steel carousel countertop model

Fast smc1655bs-countertop-microwave

Sharp SMC1655BS Microwave in Stainless Steel.

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We noted the deal back in August, but now it is back for an extended stay. If you’re looking for a solid microwave that costs a modest price, but has a very premium look, good power (1,100 watts) and is simple to use, Sharp is offering a $ 50 discount on its SMC1655BS countertop microwave . It is listed for $ 170 but Sharp’s e-commerce site has $ 120. It is less than $ 20 as we have seen it at other online retailers Lowe, Which lists it out of stock. Discount is available until 22 December.

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I have a Sharp Carousel Countertop over 10 years old and it still works. Microwaves are basically a commodity at this point, but it seems a very good value at $ 120. At 1.6 cubic feet, it classifies as “full size” Our buying guide, And when I tried it, it definitely warmed up the food faster than my 10 year old microwave, which is slightly smaller and cost $ 100. It has 11 power levels and an autodefrost feature.

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Hot microwave deal Get 50 off a Sharp stainless steel

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