How I start a new life to lead the World

How I start a new life to lead the World

Dream House

Starting a new life is never easier as it involves ample strength and courage to forget your past and the feelings attached to the place you have lived during your childhood and all the years of your youth. Life always goes on and keeps teaching us new lessons thus making us more learned and experienced. We grow up with experiences and leave behind foot marks for others to follow.

My life was very carefree and full of relief when I was staying in a big joint house with my paternal uncles and aunts. They taught me how to respect the feelings of others and of course the habit of sharing and caring got cultivated under the guidance of all young and old family members.

Simple life

How can I forget that playing and working under one roof and eating on the same plate? All this became a nightmare when I have to move to a bigger house which was located in a posh area. That new house possessed all those luxuries and amenities which a person can wish for. Undoubtedly, amenities were ample, but lack the pure feeling of togetherness.

While living with giant family I saved some money from my earnings and manage to buy a small plot in a posh area of the city. My children were growing and asked for some extra room for them. I myself living in a single room couldn’t adjust my family there in that only room. So I kept earning and spend my extra income in constructing a big house for my individual family.

Changing culture

It was heart bleeding when I shifted to my new house, away from my near and dear ones. I had no choice. I have to do it for the sake of my children and their life. The life there was completely changed as no one was there to listen to my funny or business talk.

Single room occupancy made children confined to their room and I and my wife felt isolated from children as well. Children need privacy and spend most of their time in their room studying or either busy in their virtual world.


Loneliness prevailed and I missed the family get together in the old house. It took years to convert my house into a home. Those big rooms of the house were good enough to accommodate all necessities but lack a single corner for emotions. That was the hard phase of life which kept haunted my mind for years to come.

All these drastic changes transformed me into a mature person leaving behind all those childish pranks. I often miss those pranks which were part of my everyday life. I lived my childhood with the joint family and my children were brought up in the isolated period.

Life lessons

This was the time when life taught me that I need to take up the work and life seriously. I earned money and collected all those prerequisite which I lacked in my life. Besides coming up with challenges of the life I managed to give ample love and affection to my children so that they grow in an atmosphere which is full of love and emotion.

Easier said than done, with the passage of time I adjusted into my new atmosphere and invited my parents to live with me. As they grew old, I wanted to look after them and shower my affection on them. They readily agreed and spend their last years of life with me. They blessed me with ample love and best wishes that soon my house turned into a home which I longed forever.

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