How One Pet Business Boomed During the Pandemic

Pet adoption rates have skyrocketed during the epidemic. And the owners of an all-natural dog nutrition brand that began with a homemade recipe for a senior dog are winning big. Brutus Broth has deals with major retailers such as Target, Petco, and thousands of boutique pet stores nationally.

Small Business Trends contacted successful small business founders Kim Hehir and Sue Delegan. We wanted to find out how they turned “love and grandmother’s bone broth” into an extended venture.

Pet Business
Pet Business

How Brutus Broth Went Into A Leading Dog Brand

The story begins in a place to which everyone can relate. With the love of a dog.

“It all started on Thanksgiving Day 2016 when a family member asked what we attributed to Brutus’s longevity,” says Hehir.
The company had a very active life as a puppy. Then, like most older dogs, Brutus developed health issues. The partners described how they dealt with the issue.

“We found that incorporating bone broth in their diet gives them tastier, more easily digestible food,” says Delegan. “It also gave him nutritional benefits.”

A successful startup

The result was a successful startup. According to the cofounders, their product adds delicious nutrition to your pet’s diet in an easy way. The compassionate approach both started the business and led them to massively differentiate their product.

Heir explains.

“From a product perspective, we’ve brought something to market that the pet industry hasn’t seen before,” she says. “Brutus broth is of higher quality than most human broths in the market. And it is the only fortified with glucosamine and chondroitin. ”

Relief from hunger

The lengths they went to develop it. The result is a product that is different from the competition.

“We worked with a team that develops nutritional broth for more than forty hunger relief organizations that feed Third World countries,” says Heheir. “First and foremost, we produced a high quality, human grade product fortified with supplements. Our entire situation is centered around accessibility.”

Brutus Broth Company knew how to become known in the market.

“We first went after the grocery market,” says Waris. “There were no toppers of our quality other pet food offered in grocery stores.”

Perfect recipe

Brutus Broth is the perfect recipe to make it. They had early success selling products on grocery store shelves until COVID-19. The company then took a step that is becoming more and more familiar in these uncertain times.

“When the epidemic hit, we had to pivot quickly to add new distribution channels,” Delegan says. “Consumers’ shopping habits had changed and we wanted to be competitive and top-mind. So we shifted to a more digital focus and made a big push online. ”

Good luck

He also had some good fortune working for him. The materials for Brutus Broth are American-made, so that they do not barely collide with any supply chain issues. The categorization of an essential service by Amazon also helps their fate. But another surprise was not seeing Delegan coming.

He said, “What we didn’t think was that the epidemic would increase pet adoption so much. It was a nice surprise, ”she says.

The company also attributes its success to a socially responsible attitude. Hehir explains, “We pride ourselves on giving back and have incorporated a strong philanthropic platform. We have developed the Brutus Broth Kids Committee to educate children about entrepreneurship. And we are members of the Pet Sustainability Alliance. ”

Good suggestion

The pair had some good suggestions for small businesses battling the epidemic.

He took the time to put customer data and metrics together. These retailers showed how Brutus broth fit in with their product mix.

“Make your business case for why a retailer should take your product. People are not going to buy it because you think you have a good idea. You need to demonstrate how your product solves problems…. For what they have not yet realized.

Hehir gives some final advice: “We remained focused and persistent while building relationships.”


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