How to Choose the Right Skincare Products for You

How to Choose the Right Skincare Products for You

If there is one thing that can be said about the cosmetics industry. It would be that the United States is the largest market in the world. With cosmetics, of which skin care products hold a huge piece of the pie. Being a multibillion-dollar industry, there are tens of thousands of products on the market.

How do you choose? Here are some tips offered by Svetlana Wickstrom. Who has discovered a unique skin care line promoting natural health and featuring some great new products – Birdie and Peppers

Right Skincare Products

First a Word About Svetlana’s Credentials

Not only is Svetlana a renowned skincare expert but she is also an experienced technician. With years of experience in a pathology lab. Day after day she spends her time analyzing segments of tissue to get to the root of a disease or illness. This led her to better understand what we are doing to ourselves in an effort to look better for longer.

She says, “Many of the skincare products we use daily simply aren’t right for us. Let’s look beyond colors and styles of the day to the ingredients that comprise those products.” And, this is what has set her favorite line of lotions and creams apart from so many other popular products on the market today – Birdie and Peppers

You Can’t Believe Everything You Read

For those with sensitivities and allergies, it pays to know that you can’t always believe what you read!. Even labels get by with misinformation that is allowed under current labeling laws. And so it really is up to you to know what causes problems and what you can safely use. “Fragrance is huge,” says Svetlana. “Why do you think so many doctors and hospitals have signs stating that for the comfort and safety of others not to wear fragrances to your appointments?”

Partly to blame for this oversight of allowing manufacturers to use the word “fragrance” without having to define it is regulation. Which is often times not as strict as the custom manufacturing industry which is much more thorough and regulated.

Two Very Good Reasons to Avoid Products Labeled as Containing Fragrance

This is a very good question and one you should know the answer to if you get reactions when accosted by strong fragrances. So many times a label will read ‘hypoallergenic,’ but will also say that the product is fragranced. The first thing to be aware of is that fragrances are usually a compound of chemicals. Mixed to produce a scent that resembles something occurring in nature.

The two most common chemically derived scents are vanilla and lavender. So try to avoid products containing them unless the label specifically states the origin or . And that is essential oil or a direct derivative of the plant. Also, you might want to know that fragrances don’t usually cause an ‘allergic’ reaction but are rather irritants to be avoided. Some people are just more sensitive than others. If you experience any unwanted symptoms after sniffing a fragrance, you know to choose only those products not labeled with the terms ‘scent’ or ‘fragrance.’


What you should know is that the Internet can be your very best friend. If you aren’t sure what those ingredients are and how they can affect you, look them up before believing everything you read. It is ultimately your responsibility to know what you are putting in, or on, your body and truly the buck stops with you. Svetlana urges all her customers to take the time to really understand what they are buying before shelling out their hard-earned dollars. “Know what is right for you and you will always know what is safe to buy.”

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