How to Choose the Best Watches For Women In 2020

You’ve got many watches to choose from when looking for nice watches for women. But you should be aware of what you’re going to get out of a watch. You have to look at many things that go into a watch for women. Such a timepiece is about more than letting you know the time. It’s also about making a fashion statement, but there’s also a need to be sensible when figuring out which watch is the best one for the sport.

What Is the Brand?

You have to be cautious when looking at the watch brand. You might assume that a brand-name watch is more valuable, especially when you consider how some brands are more prestigious than other ones.

Best Watches For Women In 2020
Best Watches For Women In 2020

The problem with thinking too much about the brand is that some high-end brands might sell you an inferior product for more money than necessary. A brand may do this to try and make you think that whatever it is offering is more valuable and appealing than what you might find elsewhere.

Mechanical or Quartz?

Today’s wristwatch models come in one of two forms. First, there’s a mechanical watch. That model uses extensive engineering and many parts to make a watch work. But it requires extra maintenance to keep them accurate.

Second, you can consider a quartz watch. A quartz crystal movement is more efficient and requires less maintenance. It is also more accurate, but it may not be as refined.

A luxury watch may feature a mechanical design that has more visible parts and produces an elegant style. But a quartz model is useful if you don’t want something that requires lots of maintenance. You have to think about how much care you’re going to put into your watch when figuring out which is best among nice watches for women.

What Does the Band Feature?

The band on a watch can add a good touch, although not every band style is right for every woman. Leather band watches are more attractive among middle-aged women. Younger women might like a bracelet-like style or something with some gemstone accents or something else with a contemporary style. Older women are more interested in bands with metal tones, especially ones made with gold or silver.

One point for the note about the band is that it may appear in many forms:

  • Bands can come with one of many precious metals, including yellow or rose gold bodies. Rose gold has a slight red tint to go with its gold body.
  • A printed band will have a unique graphic design on some of its metal parts.
  • A leather band watch can feature a leather body in one of many colors. Some leather band watches feature weathered accents to make the leather parts more unique.
  • A wrap style features a design that looks like the band is wrapping around one’s wrist twice.
  • A bracelet watch has a jewelry-like look featuring a few interlocking bands connecting in one spot. The design produces a look similar to what you might find in a traditional bracelet or necklace.
  • A two-tone band has two metal colors. You could have yellow gold mixing with stainless steel.

But regardless of what you prefer, you should look at how well the watch appears alongside whatever other fashions a woman prefers to wear. A woman should find a great watch that makes her look striking and appealing. She shouldn’t have something that clashes with the fashions she wears. Anything that mixes in well and blends in always helps.

What Does the Case Feature?

The case should have a brilliant appearance that displays the time and other features well. But a luxury watch may come with either a standard or oversized case.

The case will be measured over its length from one end to the other. An average wristwatch will feature a 34mm case. Some oversized models will feature cases up to 60mm in size. Such an immense face is ideal for women who want to make a great fashion statement. But a smaller face is best for women who want something a little more modest.

What Does the Crystal Feature?

All nice watches for women need to feature a brilliant crystal. The crystal refers to the covering on the watch case.

Many cheap watches for women will feature plastic materials. While plastic can produce a clear body, it can crack or scratch if you aren’t careful.

A high-end model will feature a sapphire or mineral body that can resist scratches. Plexiglas may also be useful, as it will not break.

Does the Face Need a Special Design?

You could always consider a face that has an outstanding design different from what you might expect elsewhere. A face may come with a map design or with a wheel that shows the current moon phase. You could even get a skeleton watch that features a transparent body with all the gears and other items on the inside being easily visible. Such details are striking, but simple watches might be best if you want something less complicated.

Consider the Skin Tone

You should also notice a woman’s skin tone when finding a watch she will love. Look at the color of the veins around the inner arm to see how visible they are. You could get one of two watches depending on how those veins appear:

  1. Cool Tone

A cool tone features bluish veins. A darker watch tone may be suitable, as it will blend in well with the veins and won’t make anything too noticeable.

  1. Warm Tone

A warm tone has greenish veins with the surrounding skin looking somewhat light. A person with fair skin will likely have a warm tone. A lighter watch may be suitable, although a dark one is helpful if one prefers.

Nice watches for women come in many forms. You’ll have to look around well to see what you can find, whether you’re looking for leather band watches or something a little more refined. Anything you find should be planned well and simple to wear.

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