How to choose your interior design partner wisely

We believe that our body is nothing without the soul. It is our soul that acts as the between the body and the vital substance. Likewise, each house has a soul, which connects the house to its inhabitants. We can really bring our home to life by making it touching. And one of the ways to do that is to design it in a way that the house speaks to you in its own way. However, most people fail miserably to have their home designed the way it should be. One of the main reasons behind this is choosing the wrong design partner. Here are some suggestions to keep in mind when choosing an interior designer for your home:

Don’t consult too many people

Each designer is different from the other. Consulting too many people will only confuse you and not help you in any way because every designer will come up with something new for you. And once the project is done, you will still have the feeling that the other design was better, when there is nothing as such.

2. Look for someone who provides a turnkey solution

There are several aspects of interior design. From design ideas to measurement, then to 2D and 3D visualization with a quote. And after approval of the quote, the execution part comes in. Now the execution is not an easy task either. This involves product manufacturing, civil works, on-site work, maintaining the entire process, coordinating with jobs and suppliers, delivery, installation and much more. If you choose a design partner who takes care of all of this under one roof, then you will need to consult with one person for any questions related to your project. If you assign too many people to your project, you will have to waste a lot of time and energy getting a project update.

3. Too much less is really fishy

If you have consulted a few people for interior design and taken a quote from each one, don’t always select the minimum quote blindly. First you need to see what the material specification is. If the specifications and material quality are the same in all offers, you need to know the rate per square foot of the specified work and raw materials. If someone has specified a rate that is much lower than the market rate, you must understand that something is fishy.

4. If possible, visit a delivered project.

Try to arrange a tour of any project that your designer has already completed or is in the process of working on. The reason behind this is that you need to understand what is the finish of the products that will be delivered by you, the designer. Any piece of furniture only looks stylish if very detailed work is done on its finish. A full project will help you get a feel for how your designs will turn out to be the ones put into place.

5. Choose the one that leaves a mark

You could meet several people for the interior design of your place. But the right fit will definitely leave a mark on your mind. You will have an interior calling that you are able to connect with this designer and it just says that you have always thought about the design of your home.

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