How to connect Amazon Echo to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and more: Step-by-step setup guide


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Amazon Echo ($ 40 on Amazon) Smart speakers and displays can be useful nerve centers for your home – connect your smart devices and orchestrate them with simple sentences. But get Alexa to work with you Wireless Internet access, Bluetooth and other networks can be problematic – especially when it comes to that Decoding of different color codes on your smart speaker.

I’ve set up dozens, if not hundreds, of smart devices over the years, and clear directions make a world of difference. Here’s how to connect Alexa to pretty much anything.


Only when you connect your Echo smart speaker or display to Wi-Fi will Alexa work.

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Wireless Internet access

Your smart displays and speakers should automatically guide you through the connection to WiFi as soon as you start them up for the first time. However, if you’ve lost the instructions or need to reconnect a device, follow these steps.

Open the Alexa app and tap equipment then at the bottom of the screen Echo & Alexa top left. Select the device you want to connect, then press the blue button change Button next to the Wi-Fi network. The app will then guide you through the connection to the network.


OK, maybe you want to plug your phone into your smart speaker to use as a speaker only. Doing this the first time is pretty similar to connecting to Wi-Fi, but it gets easier.


Some Echo devices, like the Frames or Echo Auto, rely on bluetooth connections to your phone.

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First, open the Alexa app and tap equipment, then Echo & Alexa. Select your device and tap Bluetooth devices. The Echo searches for devices to pair with. Once paired, you can stream music or podcasts of your choice directly to the smart speaker or display by simply turning on Bluetooth on your phone.

(If you’d like to connect your Echo to other speakers, you can also do that by scrolling down on the devices screen for Bluetooth devices and Wi-Fi network to Speakers and stereo pair / subwooferwhich you can use to further customize your sound system.)

Smart devices

If you get a new lightbulb, camera, latch, or pretty much any other smart home device, Alexa can probably talk to it too. As long as the device is Alexa compatible, just go to the Alexa app.

Once the app is open, tap equipmentThen tap the little plus sign in the top right corner of the app. A menu moves up at the bottom of the screen and you can add devices by tapping – you guessed it -. add device. From here, select the device you want to add (the app has an extensive list) and follow the specific instructions for your new gadget.

Would you like to connect something else? Or advice for people who are just starting up Alexa? Leave a comment below.

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