How to Disassemble a Pool Table

Disassembling a pool desk could be fairly simple, supplied you’ve gotten the correct instruments and manpower. The directions listed below are for a normal wooden body pool desk and slate mattress and leather-based flap pockets. Coin and non-slate tables have totally different directions when dismantling.

Necessary instruments: 9/16 “socket, socket wrench, Philips screwdriver. Marked as sandwich to place screws and bolts.


Rail assembly: Contains the wooden rail, cushion or bumpers to which the apron attaches.

bumper: The rubber part of the track. They are covered with felt.

Aprons: The wooded segments that attach themselves to the rail assembly. It can be a permanent part of the rail assembly or it can be screwed depending on the table manufacturer.

Tried: The cloth covering the playing surface and the rail bumpers. Usually it is a blend of 75% wool 25% nylon.

Slate: The playing surface of the pool table. It is usually available in (3) pieces. It can be with wooden support or without support.

Frame: The base of the pool table on which the slate is located.

  1. First, start by detaching the pockets from the table itself. Pocket straps are usually attached to the table itself with screws, staples, nails or glue.
  2. Then, using the 9/16 “socket wrench and take away the rail screws (12) situated below every rail. Place the rail screws in a marked storage bag.
  3. Take a part of the observe meeting (2 sides and above / beneath) and flip them over the lined mattress of the pool desk. Unscrew the pocket screws.
  4. Remove the pockets from the rail meeting and place them to the facet.
  5. Position the facet guides. Some tables will want to take away the aprons at this level.
  6. Remove the felt from the slate mattress. The felt is often glued or stapled on the slate picket help. If it’s stapled, rigorously take away every staple, in order not to tear the felt itself.
  7. Remove the slate screws and place them within the marked baggage. Sometimes all of the slate vines can be stuffed with beeswax, Bondo or spackling putty. Carefully take away the product from every gap.
  8. Separate the slates, elevate them and set them apart. They are very heavy, so watch out.
  9. Remove the body. Generally, more often than not in the event you transfer the desk a brief distance away, you’ll solely want to take away the legs.
  10. Removed the bolt from every leg. Lift the desk and take away the legs and put it to the facet.

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