How To Do A Word Mapping Ritual For The Third Quarter Moon

When we consider moon rituals, we will assume that they’re reserved for brand new and full moons. But the reality is that we will work with the power of the Moon, it doesn’t matter what the part. The moon is approaching within the third quarter, which is when the final half of the complete moon stays within the shadows, following a brand new path.

According to The Wok Mystics co-founders Imani Quinn and Ellen Bowles, this moon part brings the ultimate classes to meet our full moon intentions. This is “an excellent time for binding, fading, and clearing to continue the release that occurs during the full moon,” they notice, including themes round communication and fact will likely be entrance and middle.

Word Mapping Ritual
Word Mapping Ritual

“This transiting is happening in Virgo, following a powerful Gemini full lunar eclipse. Both signs are ruled by communication-driven Mercury, our celestial angel planet,” he explains. Keeping in thoughts, Quinn and Bowles supply the next “Mind Map” ritual to switch power from their headspace to paper on the grounding. how to do that:

1: Get settled in.

First issues first—get settled in. You’re going to wish a journal and pen. “Create a peaceful space for you to relax in,” Quinn and Bowles say. “Smudge the area with your favorite herbs in order to clear stagnant energy and enact a sphere of protective energy. Make your favorite seasonal tea, light a candle, or put on your favorite relaxation playlist.”

2: Check in together with your ideas.

Once you are comfy, shut your eyes and take three deep breaths, dropping into the second. “Once you feel grounded, ask yourself what thoughts are running through your mind,” they are saying. “These could be fears, anxieties, intuitive hunches, even your to-do list.”

Because the moon is in Virgo, they add that it is a time we may be a bit extra essential of ourselves, and even “see the shadow side of your perfectionism and control issues.” As such, this can be a time to observe self-forgiveness and compassion, they notice, “taking a gentler approach as you release your limited belief systems.”

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3: Grab your journal.

From there, seize your pen and paper and begin to write the phrases down in your journal as they arrive up. “Don’t worry about conforming to the lines of the page!” Quinn and Bowles add. “Write the words down freely, with as many as needed.”

4: Start constructing your “word map.”

Once you’ve gotten a collection of phrases down in your web page, mirror on which of them stand out to you. “Draw lines from the words that catch your eye, and begin to write down where they are rooted from,” they are saying. For instance, if it is a worry, ask if it actually belongs to you or to another person. Who taught you that perception system? Or, if it is a pending merchandise in your to-do record, how can or not it’s scheduled for a later time?

“Keep writing and creating your ‘word map’ until everything is out on paper, and your mind feels more still and less clamored,” they notice. “From here, begin to see from the patterns of your words what is asking to be released during this third quarter moon.”

5: Set your intention shifting ahead.

Once you have found out which patterns or behaviors must go, write them down as intentions that you’re consciously releasing. “There doesn’t need to be a time frame for these releases,” they add. “Practicing nonjudgment and compassion is important to accept where we are at.”

6: Closing the observe.

Once your intentions are set, take three deep breaths to start closing out the ritual. Express gratitude for the messages you obtained, and embrace the calm you have been capable of create. You can return to this observe everytime you start to really feel overly anxious or careworn, Quinn and Bowles notice.

Third quarter moons are a time to shut out your full moon work; simply keep in mind self-compassion is essential. “Any lingering emotions or feelings that arise, embrace openly and with love,” Quinn and Bowles say in closing. “It’s not the time for criticism or to overextend your energy. Rest, reflect, and restore as we close out 2020.”

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