How to enlarge breast: Best home remedies to increase breast size

How to enlarge breast: Breasts are the symbol of femininity. Large breasts are often associated with self-confidence. While there is always an option of plastic surgery to enlarge these breasts, many refrain from doing so because the procedure is very intrusive. This makes women feel like they should look for other options – thankfully there are a lot of home remedies one can try.

How to enlarge breast
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Large breasts are possible. But it is recommended that you try to increase your breast size from an early age. The older you are, the later your tissues develop and therefore it is best to start early. However, no matter what age you are, there are some remedies that you can always rely on. Below are listed some of the popular home remedies which you can mix and try to give you better results –

How to enlarge breast

As with any message, a breast massage increases blood circulation in the area. A better circulation will ensure that it develops better. You can use any natural oil from the drug store to do this. Make sure you warm the oil a little before using. This way the warmer the oil, the better it will have an effect during the massage.

If you do not want to use oil because it will involve oil, you can try the simple method using palms. All you have to do is rub your palms together so that they get slightly warm and massage your breasts in a circular motion. Do this for fifteen minutes before going to bed and fifteen minutes after waking up every morning. Or, you can set a target of doing a 100 rubs on each breast every time you do this.

This is a simple massaging technique which does not require any oil but works just as good. If you do this for at least three to four months every day, you will see the results. Make sure you warm your hands if they start getting cold.

Try different exercises

There are different types of exercises available to increase breast size naturally. While doing any of the workouts we are mentioning here, make sure that you add strength to the pectoral muscle. These exercises will make sure that your breasts stay firm while developing and do not sag downwards –

  • Push up

    Push-ups are a great way of making sure breast firmness is intact. You can also use them to increase the breast muscle which will make your breast bigger. To do this the right way, make sure you do at least three sets of a pushup with 15 reps each.


  • Wall Press

    A wall press is very much like a pushup but standing straight. In this type of workout, you put your arms against the wall and lean slightly so that you make a 45 degree with the wall. Now you push your arms against the wall so that you push your body against it. Again you pull your body towards the wall. Do this 5 times regularly.


  • Chest Press

    A chest press is a workout where you lie on your back with your knees bent backward. Make sure you lie flat on the floor at all times. Put a weight (or a dumbbell) on each hand. Push up the dumbbell so that your arms go above your shoulder while your palms are up. Tilt your chin where the dumbbell is and tighten your core.

    To end it, lower your dumbbell towards the side and keep your elbow beneath your shoulder. Now move your shoulder blades back and down. Do this in three sets regularly. Each set should have 15 of these and to make it effective add more firmness at the core.

  • Arm swinging

    This is a simple exercise where all you have to do is rotate your arms in clockwise and anticlockwise direction. Do this ten times in the morning and ten times in the evening. It will immediately show an increase in your breast size.

Regular exercise will tone your breast muscle. It will also help maintain the shape while adding firmness and prevent sagging. Look into resistance training for an advanced training schedule. But the above workouts will do just fine if you keep going at them regularly.

Tip: Make sure that you are wearing the correct bra while working out. A good sports bra will give your breasts room to breathe and will also affect those muscles that you want to. Shuffle lower and upper body exercises on every other day.

Foods to Eat

While working out, you must also eat the right food. There are some foods which affect the different parts of our body. For example, a fat rich food would directly affect your breasts because guess what boobs are made of? Fats! This is why these foods will help enrich your breast size while you also follow the workout and the massage routine –

  • Foods that aid in estrogen production

    There are some foods such as pumpkin, soy, red beans, split beans, egg plant and squash. These items help secrete estrogen in your body which directly affect your breast size. You can also include foods like carrots, apples, pomegranates, cherries, papaya, dates and apples as snacks.


Bananas are muscle relaxants by nature and they are highly rich in potassium and magnesium. But choose the ripe bananas as they are more beneficial for the cause. The minerals that are present in this fruit can help increase the breast sizes naturally in women.

Best home remedies to increase breast size

  • Wheat germ oil: Just apply this oil on your breast and massage for 15 minutes. Make sure that the oil is slightly warm. It will promote tissue growth around your boobs.
  • Olive Oil: Use olive oil to massage your breasts. Massage in the clockwise direction and then in the anti clock wise direction – for 10 minutes each.
  • Sesame Oil: Sesame oil firms the breast muscles and also helps enlarge it. To speed up the breast growth, use sesame oil – it is an ancient practice used as a massage therapy.
  • Fenugreek: Fenugreek is a coolant by nature and its main purpose is to decrease the rate of fat reduction near your breast region. A substance called diosgenin present in it encourages growth of breast tissues.

Some tips to make breasts look bigger

  • Wear lingerie that makes your breasts look bigger. Most women wear the wrong sized bra. Make sure your size and cup are right to make your breasts relax.
  • Completely avoid sugary drinks such as beverages, soft drinks and even chocolates. They contain caffeine which hinders the production of estrogen in the body.
  • Never use weight loss pills because they can make fat from your breasts disappear. This will make your breasts sag even further. It can also totally cease breast development.
  • Do not weight inner garments that are too tight. Always sleep after removing your bra. At night our body grows and repairs itself therefore sleeping without bra is the best practice.
  • Chicken and nuts will increase your breast size because they contain fat. But make sure that your diet is evened out with a lot of exercise otherwise you will just gain weight.
  • Drink lots of water as it will increase the elasticity between the muscles. Dehydrated people have small breasts as their muscle tissues have no water in them.
  • Eat at regular intervals so that your breast has the nutrients to develop. Skipping meals may make you lean but it can also cut the fat from your breasts in the process.

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