How to Find Joy in Life During Difficult Times

Do you ever feel that you struggle with finding joy in life during difficult times? Having a mental list of easy habits to try weekly might make you feel even happier amidst the difficulty. You can include something as simple as listening to music in the shower, and you may find that it enhances your mood.

Do you wonder how close you will be to achieving your goals if you enjoy more? These positive feelings can arise when you come home and your pet appears to be running to greet you, or it may be a waking feeling and knowing that you have zero responsibilities for the day. .

Whatever happiness means to you, this feeling can be formulated in surprisingly simple ways, even during difficult times when it can be hard to remember what it feels like to be happy. So, here are 19 tips to find happiness in life during difficult times which can be included in your daily life.

1. Stay current

When we are overwhelmed or feel sadness and loss, the secret to finding happiness is to take life in a day. When we do not drown ourselves by worrying about the future and all the unknown, the difficult period can seem more manageable.

Currently practice focusing on small moments that create some joy, whether that means playing your favorite song on repeat, planting new flowers in the garden, doing yoga, or seeing a good friend. When we take time each day and complete something, big or small, it is more natural to find happiness.

2. Enjoy your five seasons

Everything you taste, smell, touch, hear and see can affect your mood. When we take the place of a butterfly or take the right bite of food, our senses increase and we immediately feel excitement and happiness. So, satisfy your sweet tooth with that piece of cake, burn a fresh candle, pet your furry friends, listen to songs that boost your spirits, or watch the sunset. Anything you can do that awakens your senses will give you feelings of happiness.

3. Change Your Routine

Do you feel like a hamster running on a wheel stuck in a rut? When this happens, it is easy to see small problems as an epic problem. A quick fix is ​​to change your daily diet.

If you always start your morning with coffee, consider drinking tea. Instead of walking the same route to work, try to take a scenic detour. By mixing your daily routine and trying new things, you can find unexpected enthusiasm and happiness in life.

4. Become the main character

The biggest fear of life in people is loneliness or worry that they may be lacking, which can become a hindrance to happiness. By filling that gap with self-love, you become the main character of your life’s story.

When you no longer feel the need to be surrounded by people and you spend time with happiness – it is happiness. This means that all the people in your life are great supporting characters, and you are the star of the show. Once this is achieved, you become more self-sufficient, and it becomes very easy to maintain happiness.

5. Take time out for mindful activities

Are you constantly on the move and busy? It is a wonderful feeling to be at peace while slowing down and exhaling to set your day apart. This can be through meditation, walking, gardening, journalism, reading or folding laundry. Creating a quiet place allows you to hear your thoughts, and it nourishes the soul. By practicing mindfulness, you can relieve stress and replace it with joy and peace.

6. Give Yourself a Change

Sometimes, just wearing clothes or applying makeup can change your outlook and help you feel refreshed. Think about it – Whenever your hair is curly or freshly cut, do your souls feel uplifted? most likely yes! Even getting your nails done can leave you feeling glamorous and ready to take on the day. When you focus on grooming, you look your best and feel your best, a fast track to experiencing bliss.

7. Be silly and take out your inner child

As we grow older, we become more creepy and lose our inner child and the ability to be silly and have fun. But the key to remaining in the experience of bliss is to remind us of our youthful spirit. Sometimes, we have to get on that roller coaster, roll over the grassy hill, or have a sleepover like we did to make the children feel pure bliss. Sometimes by releasing any of the harshness that comes with growing up, we can overcome the sadness and really enjoy ourselves.

8. Understand Yourself

One reason retail therapy exists is, and it is not to break the bank! Consider buying a new outfit, take yourself to a fancy dinner, or choose something small that makes you smile. Tell yourself about the experiences happening every day. When you get upset or are going through a difficult time, treating yourself seems rejuvenating and helps you find joy in life.

9. Outside Experience

Nature is full of amazing sights and sounds that can bring a smile to your face. Consider stepping outside for a moment to feel the sun on your skin and the grass under your feet. Going on a camping trip or going for a hike or bike ride are great ways to immerse yourself in the outdoors. When you can experience the natural wonders of the world, you open the door to discover beauty and bliss.

10. Start a conversation

Are you so busy with work, school, babysitting, or any number of daily tasks that you rarely find time to engage in meaningful conversations with other people? Making room for conversation can be especially difficult when you are going through a difficult time.

During these periods, talking to someone and seeking the advice of another person can feel helpful and uplifting. So, to text an old friend think about your connection with other people or call someone you are thinking about. You can finally have a rewarding conversation that leaves you feeling warm and cheerful.

11. Winning a Fear

When was the last time you felt the thrill of taking a leap of faith or conquering an activity that terrified you? The feeling of happiness that comes from knowing you, which you had some hesitation in, is very gratifying. It can be scary going on a blind date or giving a presentation at work, but once you make through it, you will feel a lot of joy. Even solving a crisis can bring us this feeling.

Push through fear when we discover how skilled we are. When difficult moments are followed by winning moments, we prove our ability to overcome adversities and flourish. If you are considering how to navigate fear and regain your power, it is helpful to look at these 12 tips for managing crises.

12. complete small tasks

No one likes the feeling of a never ending to-do list. Instead of trying to examine all your tasks in a day or week, consider making life more manageable and reward yourself for accomplishing small things. This could be something like pressing the snooze button just once instead of five times, or keeping away the pile of clothes that had been in the corner of your room for weeks on end.

Allowing yourself to be proud of completing both big and small tasks will help you feel more efficient, peaceful and happy.

13. Your screen time limit

These days we are always looking at one screen or the other – our phone, TV, or computer – and we are rarely able to see our surroundings completely. Social media can easily become overwhelming, and watching too many Netflix shows or movies may make us wish that we were living completely different lives.

Staying away from the screen for some time helps us feel more present and productive, and it reminds us to compare our lives to what we see on Facebook and Instagram. It allows us to redirect our attention and love our lives. Therefore, where possible, set a screen limit for yourself and look into increments. You will relish those moments that were previously taken up to distract attention from phones and reality TV.

14. Release Your Feelings

Have you ever been so overwhelmed or stressed that you felt like an explosion could happen. We have all been there. By calming those down and releasing negative feelings you will be able to experience other, more positive, feelings.

In a good hard workout, taking a long bath, or cranking up the music and singing together are great ways to pop a soda cap and feel more relaxed. When your mind and body are free from stress, it is very easy to find happiness in life.

15. Appreciate the little things in life

When we are going through a difficult time, we can be so worried about the future or past that we miss the simple pleasures of life in the present. Perhaps it is the sound of a child laughing, an unexpected rainbow in the sky, or the finding of an onion ring in a noisy berries basket. These small surprises in life can be easily overlooked, but taking time to appreciate them each day will be more rewarding.

Practicing gratitude is another route to happiness. When we remind ourselves to appreciate everyday gifts in life, such as the fresh air we breathe or have good friends and family, we find greater happiness in our daily lives.

16. Volunteer

Helping people is quite beneficial. Consider raising some of your time through service to others. It can be tutoring, helping out at a shelter, donating clothes or taking out your neighbor’s trash.

When you divert attention from your problems and help others, you will feel new purpose and joy. Volunteering can prevent us from dwelling on negativity in our lives and apply that energy to the upliftment of people. When we work for others, we are not only feeling joy, but passing on it.

17. Remind yourself “why”

Sometimes, just remembering what you are trying for, it will help you get out of a frustration. Try to think about how you are today and what matters to you. Focusing on the things that make you excited about the career you have chosen, the reason you joined the gym, or the things that inspired you to explore a new city in your life Will bring happiness By prioritizing your “why” and placing it at the top of your mind, you will be constantly inspired and motivated.

18. Learn to go

It can be challenging to release anything, being a staple in your life, but you can find that by allowing yourself to let it go, you experience more enjoyment. If you are unhappy and struggling, know that it is perfectly okay to change direction and quit a job you have had for fifteen years or end a long-term relationship.

Some aspects of life that you thought might be exactly what is stopping you from feeling real bliss. When we learn to give up careers, connections, or habits that are no longer serving us, we allow ourselves to be rejuvenated and ready to embrace new life and enjoyment.

19. Take time out of the spotlight

Creating a flow between the need to concentrate and the ability to relax will help you find more pleasure. Many times you need to be in the spotlight, and the same goes for staying in the shade.

Shade requires less energy: sleeping, eating comfortably, or simply resting and doing nothing. When it is time for a work presentation or a school exam, you are back in the spotlight and drain all the energy you saved in the shadows.

Many people stay in the spotlight for too long, and they get burned. You have to be intentional about remembering to take time out in the shadows. Creating a balance between the two will help you create more balance, and when you feel the most pleasure, you will discover and appreciate it.


Happiness is a feeling and a state of striving for all of us, and it doesn’t require much effort to find it. These 19 tips are all examples of small action steps that you can feel more at peace and happiness, and you can do it without knowing it beforehand. Therefore, in the next several weeks challenge yourself to adopt two or three new, pleasure-inducing habits and increase your enjoyment in life.

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