How To Find Old College Friends Online?

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Do you remember that guy from your college dorm? You know, the one who always had a pizza in his hand and was never seen without his headphones on. Maybe you even shared an art history class together, but now he’s nowhere to be found. It can be hard to find people online. Here are several things you can do to try!

Search Facebook

If you know the person’s name and your college years, search Facebook for them. People often tag their old friends on shared photos of sunny days at the park or inside of dorm rooms, so it’s probable that you’ll see some familiar faces. Try including fragments of years or other details in your search to make things more specific. For example, “Smith College 1984” will sometimes produce unique results that may not be found with just the name “Sarah Smith.”

College Friends Online
College Friends Online

Search Google

Still can’t find them? Try searching Google using different keywords associated with their school and year of graduation. Maybe they published an article in the student newspaper or were part of a club at school? You might find some information about them online by Googling what you know. Use this chance to dig deeper into old memories together! If all else fails, ask around for clues on Twitter, Facebook, email, anywhere people usually talk about college life. Sometimes everyone knows someone who knows someone who went to school with so-and-so.

Search LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great place to search for old college friends. You can try their advanced search to look for connections at the school you’re looking for and then narrow results based on graduating year or major. If you don’t find anyone who will let their profile be publicly searched by the site’s tools, send them a personal message through LinkedIn and ask if they’ll add you back so you can catch up.

LinkedIn is a particularly great re since people tend to use their real names and post accurate pictures of themselves. If you happen to know what they were studying in, you might be able to correlate that with their job and narrow down your results.

Search Alumni Directories

LinkedIn isn’t the only way to reach out to people you used to know. There are also alumni directories that can help you find alumni who graduated in your friend’s year, along with their possible contact information. There are some downsides, though. Often, these directories don’t include email addresses or social media profiles, so it might be harder for you to get in touch again. 

Search Google Images

Google Images is always a good option. Chances are that if your friend had their picture taken with you somewhere, it’s probably still floating around on the internet. It also helps to run images of yourself through Google; maybe you can find pictures of college parties or other festive occasions where you might have easily bumped into your old friends again! 

Search Alumni Social Networks

There are also social networks like and Reuniting. It’s a bit like Facebook since you can make a basic profile, post old photos of yourself, and connect with people from your school through the site. You might meet some interesting people! 

Do they have an email address? Maybe you were in the same fraternity house together? One way is to contact them directly and ask them if they know where your college friend is now; social media makes it easy to find people we kind of lost touch with, so this method isn’t as uncommon as it may seem.

And lastly, always be on the lookout for opportunities to run into former classmates at reunions or other alumni events. It’s almost like an unwritten rule that old friends find each other when they return to their alma mater; keep your eyes open, and you’re bound to run into someone!


Sometimes it’s hard to find old friends, but we live in a digital world, and we can find many different tools online to help us. Try searching Google, LinkedIn, and even Facebook if you have an account. If all else fails, ask around for clues on Twitter, email, anywhere people usually talk about college life! 

And, of course, try reaching out to your alma mater as well. You might just run into them at your next reunion or social event.

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